My last flight before my subscription expires-LOW PASS

So @Diego_Sanchez_Lopez and I decided to fly from LPPR-LPMA-LXGB-LPPR for my last flight.
I will show @Diego_Sanchez_Lopez’s landing in Gibraltar and in Porto.

Thanks for your attention
I will be back in August or September.
Have a good Day/Night

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 Vueling

Landing in Gibraltar on runway 09

Bonus Low pass in Porto

Landing in Porto on runway 35


Hey :)

According to s&v rules u cant have names showing in the ss

What if I tagged the person and the person knows that?

U just cant have names showing, no exceptions

Take a look if u want ^^^

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Well thank you for the information let me photoshop that out real quick

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