My last 2 flights of my subscription


Well folks, unfortunately after every subscription there is an end, and that day was today. An unfortunate and sad end with many memories of the past month. Getting a careless violation, getting wrongfully ghosted, reaching Grade 5 twice, and the sheer amount of flights I’ve done! I am not able to have a yearly subscription because of school, and the fact that my current year is very important to my future, especially if I have goals to become a pilot.

These were 2 of my favorite pics of my 2 last flights of my sub. I hope you like them!

    Aircraft: Air Bridge cargo B748F
    Flight time: 6 hours

  1. Route: TNCM-EGLL
    Aircraft: British Airways DC-10
    Flight time: 10 hours

I’d like to thank everyone for the spots, the flights, the events, and all the great times I’ve had this previous month! Unfortunately school has started and its time to get my real game on…

People I’d like to thank for flying with me a lot this month:


Thanks for looking, and see you in the skies! 😢😁


Very nice pic sorry for the end but school is important, IF doesn’t make you a pilot but school :) :)


Thanks man! Well said :)


I’ll miss seeing you flying the Infinite Flight Skies. Good luck at school!

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sad to see you not flying anymore but I understand , also very cool pics, that KLM B747 in the back is awesome 😊


You will definitely be missed in the skies my friend. I wish you the best of luck in school, and I hope to see you flying again Maybe over summer?

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Awesome pics @AlphaSeven:)

Hopefully we can catch up in the sky whenever you are free again!

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I should be saying, “Thank You”, for flying with us. It’s been incredibly fun to have seen you enjoying your flights on IF. All the amazing screenshots you’ve taken and posted here in IFC, to share your journey, your story with us on IFC.

I’ll say; I Wish You The Absolute Best of Luck on walking the path you’ve chosen, that you are able to perform 10/10 at school and do become a Pilot, to fulfill this Dream of Today, a Reality of the Future.

I hope to see you back, Flying, Soaring High, above the Ocean and Far Beyond the Horizon in the Skies of Infinite Flight someday again, but till then, Work Hard and Stay Safe and One Day, Let’s Fly Together Again! 🛫

Warm Regards,
JR - Fly High, Fly Far


Thanks everyone! :)

It was an honor being able to have you in the skies BravoCharlie! School is important, maybe we’ll see you back in the skies a little later!

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That first picture has me stunned! Great work BC!

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Thanks you 2! 😉


Taps plays

Congratulations, man. I hope you renew your sub sometime soon. It’s been awesome seeing you in the IF skies! 👏 ✈️ 🛫🛬🛩

”Thank you, good day, JAT001”

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Good decision to focus on school. I did the same and got really good results thanks to little distraction. Then you’ve got something to look forward to when school is over! (Until Uni starts…)


Man, I wish I had your focus on school. I mean, I’m getting good grades and all (straight A’s so far 👏), but it takes a lot of effort to not watch planes and play IF all day. Like, a lot. I’m working on it.

Good on you for being so focused on your good education 👍

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Very true! Thanks!

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Sorry your sub is ending, for now. School is pretty important, so go and get extra-smart. 😉

Great photos of your last flights!

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