My landings are going down

My landings are drastically going down every since the change in severs, and it’s not not I haven’t been flying I have. My landings are dropping 10-15 landings every time I get two or more landings, and maybe even 25.

Hello! You’re seeing landings in 90 days, when you dont land those numbers go down from the landings 90 days prior to that date :).

Hi there, your landing counts will change on a daily basis. If you did a bunch of touch and goes spread over a period you will lose more and less depending on what you did that given day in the 90 day landing window.

Example: If you did 25 Landings 90 days ago, come tomorrow you will be 25 Landings less per say.


Okay because since the past two days it went from 183 to now it currently says 117 and I haven’t really did touch and goes much for months

Yea that could be your issue. Many times people don’t fly for a bit or they don’t do enough Landings then their stats decrease. Try to do some occasional patternwork to keep your landing count up.

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Okay! Thank you so much for taking your time out and responding, and I appreciate everyone within the FDS team who has help me with an issue. Thank you!!

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Happy flying and landings. Cheers

This may help.