My landings are being removed every day

hello community!

Last days, I was getting ready to simulate, and I came across two of my landings, number 183 and 184 ,
This morning, 2 more were missing.
Can the simulator be removing my Pousos ?! Why?
Can any developer or member help me? Thanks!

Maybe you completed two of those landings 91 days ago?


This is probably because of the “landings per 90 days” which were removed; because the last one you did was 90 days ago.


No gentlemen! My last landings were not 90 days ago. It’s me I don’t delay my signatures so they don’t take off landing

This picture is from this morning, was missing a little more mine, was with 185 Pousos.

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What exactly happens is that is that if you don’t keep your landings up in the last 90 days your 90 days landings go down. Your landings stay the same but it is counted as the number of landings you have done in the previous 90 days.
It happens to everyone.


Not your last landing, but your first landing that is currently listed in that number.

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That’s not what they mean.
The landings you did more than 90 days ago, is not counted towards the “Landings (90 days)” parameter. Same with the Violations/Landings ratio, but instead of 90 days it’s 12 months.


Are that mean I’ll keep losing my landings?

You don’t loose them completely you are still able to access your total landings those never fall off. However yes your landing count will diminish on the 90 day cycle if you are not actively flying as you were 90 days prior.


Yes if you don’t keep your landings up now, get on and do some touch and goes each day to keep them up and active.
Your total landings never go away. On the grade table that shows the amount B you have completed in the last 90 days. So the landings you did 91 days ago and longer will not register on the grade table.
So for example, if I did 15 landings today and then I look at the table 91 days from now, I would lose the 15 I did today because its longer then 90 days and are then discounted.

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Ok guys, thanks so much for the help! 🤝

I have always wondered about this 90 day rule…is there a particular reason why it’s in place? What purpose do they serve?

To keep people flying. They want you to keep flying in order to keep your grade.

Yhh I thought there was a more important reason why it’s in place.

MaxSez: I’ve complained vehemently about this machine generated decrement for years. It’s intentions “to keep them Flying” has an opposite effect. It “IF Tough Luv to the extreme “ Its a Use & Them Zero Sum form of corporal punishment. Hopefully it will be terminated with the establishment of the new rules

I agree. The 90 day system ruins all the grinding you have endured to get to a particular grade. It really in-signifies all the effort gone into achieving a grade, as if all of it has gone to waste.

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You make it sound like someone is forcing you to reach & maintain Grade 4 or 5. Because i can only assume you don’t consider Grade 3 to require “grinding”, since the 90 days landing requirement for that is 5 :)


Grade 4 and 5 really. I couldn’t keep grade 5 up despite doing at least one flight everyday so I had to stop…I do just enough flights to keep it to Grade 3, since I don’t want to return to the hellhole known as training server.

Then settle for Grade 3. It doesn’t affect your server access in any way.

If you like to reach G4 or G5, you have to keep up with the requirements. But it’s not mandatory :)

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