My Landing is not counted

Hi all,

These few days, I have completed about 5 flights and landings.
But none of these flights has been counted in my landing counts.
This caused me to drop from grade 3 to grade 2;
I cannot upgrade now, just one landing for next grade

Does anyone know why? or how to solve it, please?


What device, version are you using?
What server have you been flying on?
Could you share a replay of any of your flights that didn’t count?

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Reset the app and clear scenery cache in IF settings, there are certain criteria that you have to achieve in order for it to qualify as a ‘landing’. I may be wrong Bit you must touch down on the actual runway itself, not taxiway or anywhere else. You must land at the correct speed ie, below 200kt for most aircraft and you must brake on the runway

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If it still happens after the issue stated by @Saudia263 then un install then re install the app

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Come on now, people. Reinstalling is NOT the first, second or even third solution that should be suggested here. Neither is clearing scenery cache. We’ve been over this :)

Most common cause for this:

  1. Network issues
  2. Not landing on the actual runway or exiting the app incorrectly shortly after touching down.

But let’s wait for the OP the reply first, before jumping to any conclusions :)



I am using ipad pro.
I have to fly on the training server, beecause of grade 2.
I will share the replay tomorrow if i can.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.
I will try it amd reply here tomorrow if i can

I can make sure about my landing is correct.

This maybe because u touch down to early

Thanks for that.

For landing, i can sure they should be counted
I might try to use other network.

Last, i will try to reinstall. Maybe the problem happened since the change to official version from last beta version. I tried re-login and not working

Dont think so. I am sure i landed correctly

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Perhaps use this setting to verify your landings in-game?

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Oh yes, good idea! i will look at it.

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies!

Today, I just did a quick pattern and landings are counted.

I used the @Jacob method, just directly look at the landings count before I am exiting the flight,
It showed the landing is count and recorded in the post-flight statistics.
For the previous 5 flights, I did not look at it in the flight, but all landings should be valid.
I got 1700+hr in IF now, and made 600 landings.

So, I list some possible cases about landing is not counted.

  1. Network issues as @schyllberg said
  2. Invalid Landing (But for mine, I am sure my landings should be valid)
  3. For my case, It might be a small bug, Maybe the post-flight stats did not correctly load the landings from the completed flights.

Also Thanks for the re-installation/restart options, It might be a solution, but maybe for the final try :)

Anyways, this is currently solved.

Thanks, guys

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