My landing count is wrong?

It says that I have 21 landings but I know for a fact that I’ve landed more times than that. To test it, I went onto the training server with 20 landings. Flew out and landed ( same airport just remained in the pattern ) then proceeded to do this 2 more times. For a grand total of 3 landings. It only increased by 1! I went from 20 to 21 after 3 landings! I know I’ve had this problem before as I’ve been noticing it’s not increasing very fast. @david could you please look into this?


Be sure to wait for your picture to upload!


Sorry! I restarted the app a billion times (not really) and it fixed itself!

Welcome to the community by the way :)

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Thanks! I’m new but it’s cool seeing everyone’s ideas and stuff. I’m way hyped for global too!


Welcome to the community!

Btw, Could you try to re-upload the picture?

No need, I fixed the problem but thanks anyways!

Yep. Just don’t make the mistake of creating thousands of topics asking about global. Our motto it “Time will tell”

Yeah @HunterOlson, like “when’s global coming?” , “how much global will cost?” Try not to ask these questions. :)

Kinda ironic, innit ;)

I understand, I wasn’t asking questions about global just saying I’m excited. I already know everyone is tired of the questions.

I know how you feel the same happened to me
Honestly the landing count is not a good idea in my opinion

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