My Landigns counts aren’t growing


I play since many years infinite flight and these last times something’s annoying…

I did 5 Flights on InfiniteFlight


And these flights don’t count on my flight time and Landings… I got 401 landings Saturday. And these flights flew on, was from Sunday till today…

I want to grow on Grade 4 but I can’t because they don’t count my landings.

Could someone help me ?

Thanks 😊


A few of them seems to have ended prematurely. I can’t say why, since we only see that they ended.
Any noticeable connection issues or similar that you can recall? App being put in the background?

That one seems to have worked fine though :)

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did you end flight or did your game crash?
this might have some effect

Hello! I did now ATC and I remember I got 392 Operations.
I did 20 Minutes of ATC and at the end it stands tha I did 11 Operations

392 Op. + 11 Op. = 403 Operations.

They didint count it. My game never crashed. When I end a flight I click the button end flight and let it calculate. After that I click on OK and that’s it. But it doesn’t count

No apps on the background. Before I start a flight I close all apps :)

When did you do 392?
On our end, it shows you did 11 operations and controlled for 20 minutes just recently.

I remember before I started to be ATC Ground and Tower on LFPG (today) I got 392 Operations.

So I decided to get the 400 Operations to get all requirements for IFATC. I did 20 Minutes and at the end when I finished up it stands that I did 11 Operations during these 20 minutes. So…. Normally after years of flying on IF I have to get 403 Operations in total am I right?

(Sorry for my bad English)

I already had 392 Operations. Since 2019


I can’t really say much about what comes from memory here. But this data is added with simple math and I’ve never in the past 6 years of activity seen it doing that inaccurately.

You have 405 ops in total according to our stats.

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Ok ! Because it stands for a good moment I got 392 but now it’s 405 :)

And… these flights? One 8 hours flight and the other one 6 hours and etc… if you want I can send the replay.

But if you can’t help… doesn’t matter you try it sir and I really appreciate that.

I’ve had this problem before, mainly it was landing just short of what the game considers a runway.

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