My Joystick keep disconnecting

Hi infinite flight devs, i recently had a problem with IF. The reason why i’m posting this issue is because my joystick keeps disconnecting during the middle of my flight. Somedays it disconnect at the worst possible times e.g. takeoff and landing. I have been having this problem frequently. please infinite flight devs please fix this bug.


Hey there! Are you using LiveFlight Connect or is your joystick connected directly to your phone?

Also, I think this should be in #support

Joystick is a third party equipment so #thirdparty is correct

Also Idk how to help, sorry

I use LiveFlight on a PC and play IF on an iPad. I only use the joystick during the critical stages of flight. I.e takeoffs, landings, climb, and descent. Once my autopilot comes on I close Live flight. There are times when my joystick inputs are erratic on IF but when that happen there’s usually nothing you can do. If closing liveflight and opening it again doesn’t work then closing IF and restarting it usually works for me. I try not to keep the joystick connected throughout the flight in fear of random inputs may crash my flight.

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Okay, understood. Random inputs on the joystick will not affect your flight when autopilot is turned on, so don’t worry about that part.

I fly with LiveFlight Connect myself as well and I understand the issues with erratic inputs. Unfortunately, LiveFlight Connect is deprecated, which means that it doesn’t get updates and bug fixes anymore.
Whenever you have issues with your inputs, the best course of action would be to:

  1. Activate Autopilot if in the air or bring the aircraft to a safe stop if on the ground
  2. Go to Settings > Controls and tap on Restore Defaults
  3. Tap Calibrate on the pause screen
  4. Continue flying with your device’s accelerometer

I know flying by tilting your device isn’t easy when you’re used to flying with a joystick, but there’s really nothing else you can do.

I use map connect it’s so much better

I can understand your frustration… I have lost many flights due to a sudden disconnection during a critical phases of the flight… I cannot fly using accelerometer anymore because joystick is much better and contributes to improving my flying skills… Unfortunately the developers don’t want to update LiveFlight Connect and nothing can be done… This issue has a great impact on my experience in IF… Map Connect isn’t working as well and no updates have been released… I hope in 2021 we have a better solution for joysticks…

By the way i’m using live flight connect to connect my joystick.

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It’s working but sometimes it gives you surprises and stops in critical phases if the flight…

I was a Liveflightconnect user and I switched to this RaspberrypiIF and I was very successful. With precise flights and command. In this you would have to make an investment, but I bet it’s worth it.

Liveflight tends to not work on newer devices however

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