My Joystick is not connecting.

I have a Mac computer in which i instaled live flight connect, but when i start the app in my computer the app is saying searching devices and it stays like this every time i am trying to connect a joystick.

Can someone help me?

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First off this should be under #support

I use a Mac as well.

First make sure all the USB’s are properly plugged into your Mac.

Second, make sure in Infinite Flight you have Live Flight Connect turned on.

Then make sure your Mac and mobile device are on the same wifi network.

Have Live flight connect open before you open infinite flight. (This is what I do).

Once you’ve tried this please reply to this message if it worked or not. Goodly and I hope it works!

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Thanks man apreciete the information, i will try.
I put it under support but the staff change it.

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