My joystick is a complete embarrassment

It always disconnects when I’m about to takeoff or I’m about to land and causes me to crash

Specs:Logitech 3D pro joystick
IPhone 6 16gib
Hp stream 14
Live flight connect


If you require any assistance, i recommend you review this topic and edit your post accordingly. It’s pretty hard to help you with this amount of information i’m afraid.


Do you have your hand on the cable and makes it disconnect, is the cable to short if so?

No my hand never be on the cable

The inside wiring might be messed up, did you buy it online? And did you bend it before?

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I have similar issues and a similar setup.

Not much luck fixing it, you can try the things here:

If you find anything that I have not PLEASE pm me!!!

Logitech sucks when it comes on to products for simulatiors and games so I wouldn’t be surprised if I were you. I suggest you to switch to Thrustmaster for better quality products. Thier joysticks also works great with IF Connect.

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