My Journey to Grade 5!

I hope to see you too. Gonna change my Callsign just for FNF tomorrow so try to spot me… I’ll still have JR in there somehow ;)

Oh and Thanks buddy for the congrats and all :P

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One of my favorite planes and livery to go along with it. LH A346, simply a beautiful aircraft. Long Hauls will get you far, in terms of XP and Flight Time :)

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I was stuck at G4 for what I think was… hmm let’s see, about 10 months… I got to G4 on the day Perth was on the ATC schedule, last year in late Spring or so, and from there I just looked at the ladder I have to climb with all the landings, and I never really cared much until quite recently, I though, hmm why not just get up there to G5 for once, I’m almost about to loose G4 with the poor landing count I got… So cancelled all my flight plans for today and spent 1h approx, from 11pm to 12am to get the landings up by 70.

Yeah it surely did, I’m still kinda shocked and happy at the same time, but thanks, thanks a lot man :)

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Short Haul on weekdays, long haul on weekends. Do you think that is an efficient schedule?

Love it! It’s a fun journey climbing to the top, especially flying all over the world like have. Congrats, JR!


Thank You Very Much Tyler!

Not to brag but my memory is very good, and I still clearly remember last year in January when we used to have that Airline hub on the ATC Schedule, you actually included Cathay Pacific on a Friday. I was very happy to see and really wanted to join in but… being new and so, I mistakenly received enough violations to not being able to attend on Friday… I was out for a whole week, and at that point was looking at my violations, felt very bad about the number… I honestly began to buy a new subscription to restart it all, but realized that I can’t reach G3 in 48hrs… so let’s just wait and see what next week has to offer, so I stuck around on TS for a week.

And since that day, Cathay Pacific has received a lot of love. Hong Kong has become an internationally crowded hub here in IF as well. So I thank you for the schedules because I kept in believing that one day, CX would return and that the schedules would provide something I truly love, and so it did, ANA made its way in and so did Qatar Airways, another one of my favourites both in IF and IRL :)

So I thank you for all the hard work you do, to provide us with the schedules, and also thank you for this weeks, last weeks schedule, and for the future weeks ahead of us too. Really intrigued to see what’s up for my Birthday on Tuesday next week 🤩

Happy to Lufthansa and Frankfurt in the spotlight, plus Munich getting its fair share on Saturday 🤗


Let’s not get too off-topic here, thank you.

But your schedule sounds great, it has a nice mix of both with more short hauls which will grant you more landings, and faster too :)

Atta boy! Welcome to the grade 5 club!

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Thanks Joseph. Happy to have made it before my Birthday. Mission Accomplished 👌😂

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Funny you say that. May favorite is FAOR

Super sharp 180 degree turns are always fun, lol


Congrats as always :)

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Oh you bet!! 180 sharp turns with parallel runways are the best 😆

FAOR huh, nice choice I must say 👍

Hey there, welcome to the Grade 5 Club, you earned it. :)

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Thanks a lot Kate. Appreciate the welcoming :)

@NordicFlyer, Thanks a lot bro. Many of these landings came from fly in Scandinavia as well. I’ll pay Norway a visit now with status and style 🔥

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Congratulations on reaching Grade 5! Hard work pays off

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Next flight: gets violations lol!

But congrats! I’m getting close to grade 4 and I want to get grade 5 by the end of this year! I’m trying to do 5 short flights every day atleast! Hopefully I’ll get there!


Nope did a few flights after with no vios but the big one is today to Seoul 🙃

But thanks tho 👍

Haha good luck on your journey

Great! Cant wait to see you in the Norwegian sky soon. Maybe we can do a flight together some time :)

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Great job! Congratulations!!!

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