My Journey to Grade 5!


Grade 5, we all dream about, we want to reach it. There are plenty of pilots out there, dedicated their time to one o the most time consuming and challenging part of this game, and that is to gain/increase their landing count. To get 200 landings on the 90 days criteria can take some time along with 850 in total.

I’ve been an IF Pro subscriber since the launch of Global, before that I used to fly on Solo in our tiny yet lovable regions, with my favourite being Singapore / Malaysia one :)

My journey started out just like yours, I began my first flight on Live, gaining 5 or 6 violations, immediately putting me in a situation where G5 would be a long way to come to. I quickly understood how the system works and overtime, things have been improved and reworked but I had just one goal in mind and that was to reach Grae 5 before my 18th Birthday, which is slated for Next Week on April 9th, Tuesday.

I’ve had many downs and ups, receiving many violations along the path, and even in my early days, back January 2018, nearly restarting with a whole new account or just simply quitting forever, but I kept on going because there was this ATC Schedule… Yes, the Expert Server ATC Schedule that @Tyler_Shelton (Sorry, but I just felt like tagging you) that he kept on posting every week which made keep flying in IF every day. And even till this day, his schedules are one of the main reasons to why I wanna keep playing Infinite Flight.

As time passed, 2018 came to an end, I had over the course of the year met every one of you guys, such amazing people that changed my life in such a drastic but positive way, I would like to say THANK YOU to you all!!! I’ve spotted so many in IF and it became a little hobby of mine to spend some FNF’s to just spot people. Just seeing you guys fly alongside me or near me, fly to or from where I am, just made wanna keep playing IF.

But the day came, finally, at last, April 5th 00:30 UTC+2 (Stockholm, Paris, Berlin), I received my Grade 5 and just in time for my Birthday, and just in time for another incredible FNF this time in one of my favourite city in the world, Seoul. So expect me to be there with a new colour above my plane.

Before I end, want to say, to you who are struggling to keep up with your landing count or you who are trying to reach Grade 5, remember that what you dream about, you have to work for and what you dedicate yourself to with heart and soul, you’ll one day reach, and it’ll be all worth it.

  • Thank You to all Pilots for flying with me and being there at the airports I visit 😄
  • Thank You IFATC for your continues work in the most stressful and difficult times 😃

Congratulations JR. Very exciting to see you at the legendary G5!


Congrats dude! Glad to see you at the top rank, you deserve it! ;)

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Congratulations! I remember how happy I was when I reached Grade 5, then when I subsequently reached 1M XP.

Best of luck to you in the future! :)

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Congratulations @Captain_JR

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Thanks a lot, @Connor, @AviationJack, @MrMrMan and @VAnuj :)

And Ethan, I too clearly remember when I reached 1M XP, it surely was, well for me unexpected and an amazing surprise, haha. Today, as of now I’m going for that 4M XP mark, and hope to reach it soon.

Best of Luck to you guys too in the future, for whichever dream you may have that you are really hoping to reach. Keep going, keep working and never stop, be passionate and believe in yourself, because in the end, only you can make your dreams come true 🙌


Holy guacamole! That’s insane. I’m only at 1.03M 😂

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Congrats welcome to the “club”! Grade 5 is sure hard to achieve! Enjoy your shiny new bronze callsign 😉

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Well, what else to say, your name tag will be finally ”Golden” as I can describe this. You are now the group of one of the best members piloting in IF. 🙂

My Opinion:
I can easily get to Grade 5 but… I stayed in Grade 4 for the reasons following. Just in case I make bad landing on the expert server, or I get reported for a crappy reason, accidentaly embarrass somebody and so on. I have stayed in Grade 4 to reflect on who I really am, how good I can be. I just feel like I am not one of the “expert” pilots on the server. Basically, the truth. I really love the green Grade 4 Tag too! :)


Congratulations on Grade 5 JR! I see you from time to time at busy airports.

Your welcome:)

I’m just here with 600K:(


Long Hauls is my answer, nothing less and nothing more. 1.5 years of Long Hauls has granted me 5300+ hours and 3.2M XP as of now 😂

Also just did 70+ touch n goes in a very genius yet illegal, acrobatic, violations giving way on Casual to reach G5 so yeah, hehe 😅

Some G2 pilot copied me and got some landings of his own done but ultimately crashed since he couldn’t keep up with my very sharp 30-50 degree turns… oops :P

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Have been flying IF for nearly 4 years and im only grade 4

Congrats dude!All that hard work payed off

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LOL! 😂

Well, congratulations again. See you in the skies! :)

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Congrats! I’m only at Grade 3, but what an achievement.

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Long Hauls mostly. I do Short Hauls more nowadays than before, just to visit Sweden, a bit more often, that should make Seb happy to ;)

Also very very amazed by the work you IFATC put through, just world-class, on top of it all, nothing can beat the service you provide, just the best, thank you very much. Enjoy every second of being vectored and cleared for landing, take off, you name it, just all of the procedurs :D


Congratulations JR! I guess FNF in Seoul would be a nice present for you to celebrate your new tier ;)


You see…You G5 peeps have the patience and time lol


I’m doing a 32 minute flight from Vienna to Klagenfurt. DashQ400. I do long-haul, this Friday Lufty A340-600 from EDDF-KSAN.

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Keep working hard. We all hope and dream for something better and a higher achievement in life. And if receiving the Grade 5 tag is one of them then never give up, go all the way till you reach the top :)

G3 isn’t bad either, I still remember when I got access to Expert last year, very early on in the year too, was first sacred to join but gave it a try, and from there seen the evolution of Expert and me as well as others I know grow not only in Grade, but in piloting and ATC skills, just simply amazing how much change time brings and how far you can reach 🛫

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Story of my life.