My Journey to 1 Billion Feet

I sat on the ground in my house pressing the “forward 15s button” in replay mode for literally 45 minutes just so I could do this, help plz

(yes i did make it to 1 billion feet)

Plane: CL35
Route: Space I guess
Server: Solo
Livery: AirShare
Cruising altitude: 1,000,000,000 ft

Edited with Adobe Lightroom and Polarr.

pictures 👌

Preparing our journey to 1,000,000,000 ft!

Cruising past 100,000 feet and only going up from there

Getting ready to exit Earths atmosphere

I never thought a plane could look this intimidating lol
This was also taken at around 1 million ft

Looking down at the Earth as we surpass 50 million ft

And about 30 minutes later, we reached 1,000,000,000 ft. Crazy to see how far earth is lol

I know that showing the user interface thing is not allowed on Screenshots and Videos but here’s proof I actually got to 1,000,000,000 ft because I feel like people would say I didn’t lol

Thanks for viewing :D



Yo this looks awesome! 😍🔥
Glad you were inspired by my topic lol

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Thank you :D

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Reminds me of a certain photo by Voyager 2 →


Thank you 👌

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absolutely stunning

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Thank you!

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The real question is: Is this dedication, or is this insanity?

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this here magic 8 ball says both

Said magic 8 ball


Probably both, I was crying tears of jet fuel after lol

Rookie numbers.


oh no… please don’t do what I think ur gonna do…

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I think a couple years ago, I managed to achieve a distance that was similar to the distance between the Earth and Sun. I think it took me about an hour to do that

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I remember back in my days, I was in my f14, and I went to space and saw the earth from space… those were the days…

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Dang thats impressive

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I think I also achieved lightspeed lol

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bruhhhhh 💀💀

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Lowkey pretty cool stuff bro, never knew why I never thought of doing something like that!

Looks like a pretty fun experiment 👍

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Thank you so much! It was fun 👌👌

That is insane lol never thought a plane can go that high