My journey through the Amazon river | Leg #1

The Amazon River is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world, and by some definitions it is the longest. The headwaters of the Apurímac River had been considered for nearly a century as the Amazon’s most distant source, until a 2014 study found it to be the headwaters of the Mantaro River in the Cordillera Rumi Cruz in Peru… and that’s where my journey begins.

I had initially planned on flying the route on the XCub but the high elevation at the beginning of the journey made me reconsider and pick the SR22.

Starting point is SPVI, the airfield is more than 13,000 ASL. It took me 5 or 6 failed takeoff attempts, I had initially planned on a full tank of fuel but realized that was too heavy for a high altitude takeoff.

The first leg (shorter than planned due to weight limitations) was 1:52h to SPTE, which is on a valley at only 2,500 ASL so I expect to be able to takeoff on a full tank for the next leg.

Cruise altitude 17,500ft @ 130knots IAS.

This is the lake where it all starts…

At times it is hard to see the river this early in its path…

Towards the end of the leg the scenary changed from deserted to green snowy mountains…


Do you happen to have the flight plan?
I would love to try this myself!

Yes… of course! I used google maps to get the coordinates, than used Excel to convert them to IF friendly format. All together took me about 40 minutes or so (I already had the Excel formulas done).
Enjoy! DM me if interested in flying together :).

1057S/7613W 1121S/7605W 1145S/7543W 1148S/7538W 1146S/7534W 1149S/7529W 1147S/7528W 1152S/7523W 1158S/7516W 1204S/7514W 1209S/7514W 1214S/7512W 1220S/7507W 1222S/7507W 1224S/7502W 1229S/7500W 1230S/7457W 1232S/7456W 1230S/7451W 1227S/7447W 1231S/7441W 1235S/7441W 1243S/7433W 1246S/7430W 1248S/7427W 1248S/7422W 1250S/7421W 1249S/7418W 1249S/7417W 1246S/7417W 1244S/7418W 1242S/7420W 1236S/7419W 1226S/7425W 1226S/7430W 1221S/7434W 1217S/7445W 1213S/7441W 1206S/7442W 1203S/7443W 1159S/7439W 1159S/7434W 1202S/7426W 1208S/7421W 1213S/7419W 1216S/7412W 1218S/7412W 1218S/7407W 1219S/7407W 1216S/7405W 1215S/7402W 1216S/7359W 1215S/7358W 1209S/7402W 1209S/7404W 1206S/7405W 1153S/7355W 1136S/7403W 1118S/7412W 1110S/7400W 1110S/7400W 1118S/7344W 1114S/7340W 1057S/7345W 1042S/7344W 1030S/7359W 0939S/7408W 0848S/7433W 0831S/7419W 0753S/7443W 0752S/7456W 0721S/7500W 0708S/7515W 0646S/7500W 0632S/7502W 0628S/7509W 0623S/7505W 0610S/7508W 0602S/7459W 0603S/7450W 0543S/7433W 0545S/7418W 0534S/7408W 0522S/7410W 0514S/7403W 0503S/7404W 0502S/7350W 0429S/7326W 0401S/7310W 0340S/7315W 0326S/7246W 0331S/7213W 0320S/7150W 0352S/7124W 0357S/7055W 0421S/6954W 0413S/6927W 0341S/6925W 0328S/6917W 0319S/6758W 0253S/6747W 0232S/6719W 0243S/6645W 0228S/6635W 0227S/6624W 0229S/6605W 0233S/6521W 0337S/6414W 0353S/6327W 0403S/6301W 0345S/6216W 0357S/6148W 0335S/6122W 0335S/6049W 0319S/6038W 0307S/5953W 0306S/5935W 0322S/5841W 0322S/5841W 0237S/5646W 0157S/5604W 0154S/5534W 0219S/5443W 0226S/5423W 0208S/5400W 0153S/5346W 0125S/5159W 0129S/5146W 0006S/5032W 0015N/5039W 0051N/5016W 0108N/4953W


Lovely! Which countries did you fly on?

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For this leg Peru only. The entire 2600nm+ route is about 30% over Peru and 70% over Brazil.

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I’d suggest to also fly more northern of South America :-P…

Said from a proud Surinamese person hahha

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A lot of creativity here, definitely should try more interesting flights like these.

Well done on the screenshots :)

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I should do more flights around mountains, these are great! Nice job @MannyG!

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This is an awesome way to explore the new hd scenery!

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You are the best 🤩

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