My journey through the Amazon river | Complete

Finally completed the entire route of almost 3000nm on the SR22.

Flight legs: SPVI - SPTE - SPQN - SDCG - SBIC - SWVP
Flight time: ~15h

@RoyalJordanian was kind enough to fly with me starting at SPTE, so thank you for that! Always nice to have some flight companion and it was interesting to talk about what we were seeing. There is certainly a lot you can learn if you are curious enough to research.

The Amazon river is incredibly big, especially as it gets past Manaus, Brazil. I would bet the satellite imagery IF has is from the dry season, otherwise it would be all cloudy - and the river is already huge - I can only imagine how wide it gets once it floods all the low areas around it.

Anyway…here are some shots between SPQN and SWVP:

The city below is Manaus, Brazil. This is were the Amazon river connects to its largest tributary. The curious part is that the waters are of different colors and take many miles to fully blend in

Here is where the river meets the sea, it’s quite a view. The river’s brown waters extend into the blue sea for as far as the eye can see, I wish I could do a panoramic here :)

Mission accomplished!

I will create a time lapse of the entire trip…it will take some time, but I will do it :)

Below are the links for the posts for legs #1 and #2:


Love the 1st and 2nd photo they are beautiful.

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Amazing! Well done you!

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Those are amazing pictures, thank you for sharing!

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Wow😍😍amazing.good job @MannyG

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I sadly ran out of likes, but that is cool. Nice pics and congrats on finishing your journey!

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Amazing. Good job. I hope you enjoyed!!! Nice pics!!

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Looking forward to seeing the timelapse of the entire flight.

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