My Journey Part 2

Here are some of my flights from this week. I wanted to get those „out of the way“ before my holidays start and I will have a lot more pictures.

Last time I stopped in Eindhoven Airport (EHEH). We arrived there from Sofia with a WizzAir A320. As always I used the principle of coincidence to decide where to continue to. Since Eindhoven is mainly used by Ryanair, it wasn’t a surprise that I got

Ryanair 9924 to Pisa (LIRP). Because I did so many flights I can’t fit a picture for everyone, but it was a stunning flight over the Alps. After I brought my passengers fast and safe compared to what they paid to Pisa, I changed to an

British Airways A320. I boarded as the Captain of BA605 back to London Heathrow. As in my previous flight, I flew over the Alps, and this time a passenger posted a picture of them on his IG:

I didn’t have to change plane in Heathrow because I got assigned a flight from Heathrow to the beautiful shores of Greece. I could feel the excitement, of the passengers that were keen on finally getting to the beach, Build up shortly before our turn on final of Athen as the islands and beaches of Greece came into sight.

This time I took a picture, while of course not violating any safety rules.

After an overnighter in Athen, I continued with an Aegean A321 to Zurich, the unofficial capital of Switzerland ;).

There SAS hired me to fly their A319 with the retro livery, because the original pilot was too amazed of the beauty of this livery.

Holding short of runway as American 4405 takes of to the states.

After arriving in Stockholm I took a quite uneventful flight in a SAS A320 to Copenhagen, helping to connect two hubs of SAS.

After that SAS still needed me for some reason, so I flew my third flight on a row for them, this time from Copenhagen to Milan Malpensa. Just look at the beautiful landscape around Milan!

On final at Milan Malpensa

Besides that I also managed to continue my long haul journey, continuing from Johannesburg to Doha with the reworked B77W. Even though I accidentally flew this flight on the Casual Server I didn’t see anybody doing something unprofessional besides drifting B77Ws that taxied 60kts 😂

I also joined @easyJetVirtual ! Here is a picture of my first flight for them, taxiing at my HUB at Gatwick while @ss90 is in the background. It’s always nice to see fellow VA members!

And of course here is my updated long and short to medium haul map:

Short to Medium Haul:

Long Haul:

I hope you enjoyed those pictures, and I see you at my next journey update!

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Edit: I apologize for the pictures being cropped to iPad resolution for some reason