My journey on infinite flight

Hello everyone I was wondering what your journey on infinite flight is I’ll go first been flying in infinite flight since 2018 joined here in 2022 then joined breeze airways followed by FedEx and that has been my journey what’s yours curious


I first got the game in November of 2016 and flew on solo buying regions and planes, then bought multiplayer but didn’t play it much. I was on and off since then buying a subscription then cancelling it. It was until February of 2021 I got really back into the game. I flew almost daily. I’ve had a subscription yearly ever since then. In February of 2022 I got reached out by the old CEO of Turkish Virtual to become their COO. I accepted the job. It was my first ever time doing anything with VA’s. Funny thing is that the same night I got a DM from DHL Virtual for the same role. I stayed at Turkish Virtual as COO until around May of 2022. That’s when I decided I wanted to create a VA. I was originally going to make Frontier Virtual. I rethought my decision because at the time Frontier and Spirit were planning to merge and I didn’t know how it was going to affect my VA. That’s when I switched to Breeze Virtual. I applied for IFVARB approval in around June of 2022 then got approved on August 6th, 2022. I am the proud CEO of Breeze Virtual today! I am also apart of Delta Virtual, Southwest Virtual, and Spirit Virtual as pilots. In June of 2022 when the IFAET applications came out, I applied to join. In January of 2023, I got the special DM that I was in! So today, I am the CEO of Breeze Virtual, and in IFAET. It’s been a long journey, but a fun one and I have no regrets! Thanks for listening to my TED talk! 🤣


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I got IF in like 2015 or 2016 then got more and more planes and regions ( which costed 10 dollars of my own money ) played for I’m guessing a year off and on. Took a huge break like huge I think 5 years. Then I got motivation and got it on my phone and saw global, all these new planes and 3D airports which amazed me how far the game had come. Now I have been playing for about a year and a half continuously and now grade 4 with over 2 thousand hours.


I downloaded IF sometime in early 2017 (I think) and I got Global in December 2017. Had stints with a lot of VAs (SVA, AAVA, BAVA, DLVA, ACVA, UVAL, AVVA, couple others). Held a very brief position in AAVA doing PIREPs and longer positions at SVA first as a Senior Advisor and then as CEO. I became IFATC at some point in all of this and IFAE as well. Eventually, stuff got busy and I quit the game for a bit, thus dropping all of my VA/VO affiliations. These days I just fly independently and do range tests.


My first aviation game was Pocket Planes - Airline Tycoon in 2014.

I started Infinite Flight on August 3, 2014 which I bought 4.49 €, because I did not like flying with X-Plane on iPad. Few days after I purchased Paris, France In-App purchase for 4.49 €, then Boeing 777-300ER for 4.49 €, then Denver Colorado for 4.49 €, and my first attempt to fly live was in September (Infinite Flight Live, 4.49 €). Like many, I felt it was expensive (!) and especially, I did not understand any of the rules, so I collected hundreds of violations (I still own them today!). My name was ‘TooManyCooks,’ a meme from a YT video that humorously satirizes the opening credits of the 1980s and 1990s sitcoms by progressively introducing an absurdly large and diverse cast of characters.

I loved the external views and the realism of the San Francisco Bay, but left the game and had other priorities in life.

After a few years, during the COVID lockdown, I remembered how sims can be fun to learn geography, but started alternative sims for iPads. I was enjoying other apps like Rortos RFS, but soon realized the apps had too many crashes and terrible Autopilot management. One thing that helped me understand is that these iPad sims are community-based apps. So, I created a virtual airline from a branch of Air France: Air France Asia.

I came back to IF, was massively surprised by all the new things that came up since 2014, and this time decided to fly more ‘professionally’. Join a VA helped me considerably understand the rules, and I flew more often. I first joined the excellent Singapore Virtual and am now at AFKLM.


I found IF very recently after considering a full PC based sim for my gaming computer. I’ve flown MSFS, but not in a long time, and in December of 2023 I downloaded IF to try the free version. After some pretty dismal flying, I started to get the hang of it. I still wasn’t sold, but I thought I’d give the pro version a try and I’m glad I did!

Once I started experiencing all the different airplanes and live cockpits, I started to get pretty impressed and felt as if it could be my only sim. Then I hit grade 3 and started flying the expert server and I was hooked, the experience is so much more immersive than the somewhat disjointed PC sim world.

I did find it hard to control on my phone, so I got an iPad and that was it. Super-hooked. It’s just so much easier to control and see things on a larger screen. Pretty quickly I hit grade 4 and started applying to VAs. I’m now with Breeze, American, and I’m a check pilot for FedEx and have pending apps for a few others.

Now here I am four months in and closing in on grade 5, and flying daily. I really enjoy and appreciate the community here and the events that both IFC members and VAs hold. It really is what sets this apart from PC based sims, and I love that I can take it with me anywhere.

I’m glad I tried it, because it saved me a ton on expensive peripherals for the PC, and allows me to participate more than if I had to sit at my computer or console each time. Looking forward to all the coming updated aircraft and more 3D airports, it all keeps things compelling to continue flying.

Glad we were your first! We miss you at Singapore Virtual Group, hope to see you in our VA soon again!

Singapore Virtual Group Team

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Pocket planes is epic