My journey from Chennai to Singapore

Hello once again IFC! Here are some photos that I took while I was flying for my newly approved VA. I hope you will like them.

Date & time: 7th Feb,2020 ;Around 0500z
Server: Expert
Aircraft,livery and callsign: A320; IndiGo ; 6EVA01

Here are the photos:
Departing Chennai (VOMM)

Leaving Indian east coast

Meeting an other 6EVA pilot @IFC-CAPT-KISHOR who was flying WSSS-VOMM in the beautiful IndiGo livery around 1500 feet above me.

Somewhere over some place

Meeting @Ecoops123 at WMKK

Successful landing at Singapore (WSSS)

Parked at the gate with @DhruvChopra

I hope you liked them . Thanks for viewing my photos. Please let m know which one was your favourite down below ↓↓

Hey Dhruv, Ecoops and Kishore. I you are watching this, I just want to say sorry for the ping.

Thank you and have a good day!


Sorry for the poor quality of photos guys

Nice shots! Remember to higher the graphics for the best shots 😉

They’re great, the quality is good 👌


These photos look incredible! I hardly ever catch traffic passing so close above or below me :(

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Welcome to the community @AUHK!
Thanks for the comment ♥️
I am pretty sure you will get a shot of a plane flying above you. Until then keep flying…

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Superb clicks… Way to go brother


Well hello!

Can I suggest using the replay mode to take photos of your flight? Showing names isn’t allowed. I give my consent to you using my name, at least…

Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

Also I’m just starting my descent of that flight in about 10 minutes! 😀

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I did take it in the replay mode. I just forgot to turn that airplane name thing to off.

Awesome pictures! Keep it up! Go Indigo!

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Nice pics, looks like a good route!

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