My journey around the world starting - Citation X x Nearly 100 legs

Hello IFC! At the beginning of this year, I have decided to make a massive world trip with the Citation X. Here are the legs


I know most of you will think I am never going to finish this trip, it took me a while to convince me that too. I will need some time though. My goal is to finish this trip before 2022.

Airports: 92
Legs: 91

All flights should be below 5 hours.

I think this will be great for me to fly at places I haven’t yet and get to understand and like the Citation X.

I’ll post updates about my flights here :)


Wow that is one good goal around the world trip right there.

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Try and beat @FLIGHT2 around the world — he had a head start but he has more airports to visit. Should be a close race!

Winner gets a .jpeg trophy with their name engraved on it.

And please, make sure you hold me to my word on that one in case I forget. 😂

Good luck on your trip!


Lol thanks 😂😂

@ECOFRIENDLY_TIME thanks, it is very long indeed

Well that’s ambitious 😂


oh yeah I didn’t even see that till now

I got used to 2020 too much


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First leg : EGHI-LFRS finished

Flight time: 00:46

Was a pretty smooth flight with a decent -90 fpm landing.

Legs completed: 1
Legs to go: 90


One down, 90 to go!

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I’d like to go with you! … But my question is, will you do all the flights in a row? …

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No I won’t, as I need sleep too 😂 I will fly whenever I am availbale.

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It’s okay! Could you tell me in advance every time you fly? to accompany you !.

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Finshed another leg.

2 legs done
89 to go

I had 33 knots winds on final but managed to pull off a -32fpm landing somehow

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I will be doing as many legs as i can this week. Planning to do 4-5 today.

Legs done: 3
Legs to go: 88

Also Im proud to revive this topic 69 days after the last reply.



Legs done: 4
Legs to go 88


Wishing you best of luck in the world completing round the world challenge on Citation X. When do you think you’ll finish (if you ever get to it) 😂

Thanks mate!

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If everything goes well I should be able to finish it towards the end of this summer :)

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good luck :D

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Thank you!

Legs done: 5
Legs to go: 87