My job as an aircraft mechanic

@oscnogbal great pics! Thanks for sharing ;)

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Its nice feeling to be happy when going to work. Everyday different and fun guaranteed.

I am going to prepare a new post since you guys liked it.


I see its a Thomas Cook. May the airline rest in peace.

It isn’t, that’s a Condor winglet. Most likely still flying fortunately!

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Oh yeah, now I see. I can’t tell the two apart sometimes. My apologies.

No worries! I believe the B757s flew in Condor livery for Thomas Cook at times as did the A321s. It’s all really complicated to tell apart, but generally speaking that logo in the picture is the Condor one, while the yellow heart is originally Thomas Cook’s one (even though it’s on Condor’s tails too).

Yeah, god I miss Thomas Cook. I never flew them as I have never been to Europe. I still miss them. At least Condor is still kicking.

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Wow, that’s so cool! It’s amazing how you can just pop those off. I never knew that before.

Also, RIP Thomas Cook 🖤💛

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It was actually condor.

Read above!

Well it takes some work because of the small access you have. But it is the only way you can check them inside.

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Have you ever discovered any cracks or serious problems as an aircraft mechanic?

Yes, I found some nasty corrosion in a 757 on a door frame. Boeing had to be contacted and the repare took a while. This area can get easily wet and dirty because of the galley so it is a hot spot for corrosion. This inspections require a lot of attention. The are you are inspecting in a check like this is going to be checked again probably in another 2 years, so when you sign your work you are saying it is fine for that time.


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