My iPad went out and I got reported

Hi! A few minutes ago I was taking off from OOMS and Tower told me to switch to Approach and then I got the instruction to turn 160 and climb to 6,000 ft which I did but sadly I didn’t realized my battery level and my iPad suddendly went out. Then, when I finally got again into the game, I realized I was downgraded from Grade 4 to Grade 2 because I got reported. Obviously I do not have the name of the controller but I consider this unfair because I didn’t make any violation (intentionally). I was improving my XP (360,500) and Grade and now I am Grade 2. What can I do to fix it?

Call sign: Aeromexico 1
Name: Edivaldo Pereira
Departure airport: OOMS
Date: Today at around 13:00 (GMT-6)

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried contacting a moderator about this? (@schyllberg) That might be the best option.

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The controller at OOMS is currently @anon66442947, if you PM him he will be able to assit you in capacity as a controller but also an in game moderator 🙂