My iPad keeps crashing

Hello! For some reason, my iPad keeps crashing. Ever since 21.1 came out. Everything was just fine. I flew every single day and was just playing the game normally. But a few days ago, every single flight, when I was on final, my iPad kept crashing, I don’t know if this is my iPad’s issue, or if it is Infinite Flight’s issue. My iPad is the iPad 6th generation. The buildings and everything else was fine, I can still takeoff normally and taxi without my game crashing. My game doesn’t crash often and it made me wonder why it was crashing while I was on final. Infinite flight hasn’t been laggy at all too. My game also specifically crashed while doing long hauls, short hauls were fine.

If anyone has any ideas to help with my device or any suggestions, please reply to this post or DM me to let me know please!

Thanks, Vurige

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Someone has had the same problems before let me see if I can link up what I said to them

Ok here it is Game just crashed after flying for 18hours! - #2 by CaptainAli_yt

Im just gonna ask you the same thing

  1. What were your graphics before it crashed?
  2. Was your device hot when it crashed
  3. Was your brightness down?
    4.What’s your spec like storage etc.

same i swor in this second my game crashed

try deleting your game then re installing it warning this will delete your replays but it worked for me

It’s best to leave this as a last resort if we can’t find any solutions. It should never be recommended as one of the first things do.


Check out this thread, I think they will have some answers for you regarding this issue. If you have any further questions, I strongly advise you to ask there. :)

Uhhh, sorry what ?

Mine crashed for some time, I got a more powerful one and re-installed it and it works perfectly fine.

  1. Very High Graphics
  2. No, my device was not hot when it crashed.
  3. My brightness was about 25%
  4. I have about 25GB out of 128GB used
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Yes! I was thinking of that, but I have a lot of replay files and I don’t want to lose them. I make Infinite Flight Timelapses. That’s why I don’t want to delete it.

Thank you! I will check that out.

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I did that.

Yeah, that’s the thing. I don’t want to delete my replays.

I would export and import

Since you had High Graphics was it lagging or what was different then before like specifically

High graphics had nothing to do with it. It’s been with high graphics for forever

Thanks everyone! I have fixed my iPad! Thanks for helping!

How did u solve the issue?

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