My iPad 5 keep crashing on Final Approach?

Hello everyone, when i flight long-haul, i always restart my device, but while on a final approach, my ipad frozen for 5s and then crash?


Hey there!

Sorry to hear about your app crashing. Perhaps if you could provide your graphics settings as well as if you’re using any third party applications, we could assist in helping you solve your issues!


I use Low High High graphics, my device isn’t overheat

Is there anything else that should be noted? Such as any third party apps being used, whether the device has had a history of such issues or just a one off instance.


No sir, i put my device in 20’C room, and i never use any assistant or app in background:(


Sorry to hear that.

When did you first notice this happening? You say it “keep[s] crashing” but a more exact idea of when this started will help.


the first time it crash is after the 21.2 update, then it keep crashing to now

I think its something that’s got to do with your iPad rather than IF because of the circumstances you have mentioned.

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Sorry to hear about your app crashing.

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Infinite Flight? Maybe that could help!☺️

Sorry to hear that you are facing this problem this could be for the following reasons:

It could be due to your iPad overheating or if you put the graphic settings on high especially if your destination airport is busy

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i put low low low when i sleep, and medium, high, high, it’s not overheat

Hello! This happend to me a lot. I currently use an IPad mini two (Will be replaced) and I put my graphics ALL on low and that helped a bunch for me, as well as airplane count low-none. Hope this helps!

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thanks sir

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Lol I do that too yet it still crashes

What device do you use @IF-JPC ?

No problem.

iPad 6th gen I believe

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me too:(( it crash on final approach

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i put graphic low low medium but it still crash

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Make sure Anti-aliasing is off, and ALL the graphic setting are on LOW, then you should have no problems. Also make sure your frame rate is at 30.