My Introductory Flight @EIWF 16/08/2020

Today (16th October) I went on my introductory flight at my local airport (EIWF). Todays flight was operated in a C172 (reg: EI-GRX). This aircraft is relatively new to the aero club and is often used for hour building flights. I hope to start my PPL next summer!

Anyways let’s talk about todays flight. The total flight time took 18 minutes and our route took us off the southerly runway in Waterford to get a splendid view of Tramore and the coast. We then made a turn east bound before overflowing Hook Head which is a famous lighthouse located in Co. Wexford. Then took a north turn over the estuary before making a turn over the city where we then commenced the approach into runway 21 in Waterford! Overall I really enjoyed the flight and has really upped my interest in becoming a pilot.

Here I will leave a few pictures below. Hope you enjoy!

EI-GRX in its beautiful black livery. I have to say I really like this livery!

Views of Passage East right before we made our turn westbound towards the city.

A nice shot of the beautiful controls on this C172!

Views of Waterford City (oldest city in Ireland believe it or not) before we turned finals for Runway 21.

Another look at the controls before we land.

On short final for a crosswind landing onto Runway 21!

Our route that we took today as displayed by Flight Radar 24!

Hope you enjoyed the few pictures I uploaded! This flight was a real dream come true for me and a memory that I will look back on down the road! ✈


That black Cessna looks super cool


Definitely! Looks even better in-person 😍


Black plæn gœd.


Nice pictures, I really do like the colour as well, even though I’d be complaining about black aircraft here in Holland’s tarmac runways as it’s really hard to spot them.

Good luck with your further flying in this beautiful aircraft!

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Very nice! Nice colour aswell. :D

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Wow really cool Jack! I was wondering if AFTA were doing them for my birthday in 2 weeks but now I have a bit of clarity. Looked brilliant, beautiful aircraft as well. Amazing!

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Class Jack. Looks very enjoyable. I live that black livery and of course Tramore. 👌

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I would hold off if I was you Luke. We will most likely be in lockdown again by then…

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It’s the first flight I find that is both nervous, and also fun , giving you the taste of whether it would be something you’d want to do for the rest of your working life, or just for pleasure. It sure is for life with me!

I hope you had an amazing time in the air! It’s also great that you could view the route the you flew! I really should turn on my transponder next time I fly 😛

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Awesome, I finished mine some time in july. someone from The mission aviation fellowship goes to my church and learned that Im interested in flying from my dad, so they gave me a free introductory flight, it took us out from KMAN and over lake lowell and then back in. it was very fun and after that the doctors told me that my case of “the flying bug” was incurable lol.

Again awesome and I hope you get your ppl soon.

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You were right…

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I showed my parents this and they said I can go when things are opening up again. Thanks Jack! 👍

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Hope you enjoy, it’s a great feeling being up in the sky ✈

Congrats! I just went on an intro flight yesterday!

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