My Interesting Experience With United

So I’m inspired to tell this story because of stories like mine from @RTG113 and @Robertine

In July my family and I were going on vacation, usually we go to Kiawah Island, SC in the summer, but this year my parents surprised us with a trip to The Big Island of Hawaii (that’s why I always fly into Kona). We were scheduled to leave Newark around 11 AM and fly on United 2069, a 757 to LAX which would land around 2 PM in LAX. We would then leave LAX around 5:30 and arrive in Kona at 8:15 PM. It’s sounds simple, but it ended up being anything but

We woke up around 5 AM and by 6 AM we were on the road to Newark, An hour and a half away. We arrived at Newark around 8 AM and when we checked in we were told that our flight was delayed one hour. That was a little bit of an annoyance, but hey, stuff happens and we had a long layover in LAX. We got to the gate and as the clock approached 12 PM our plane had still not appeared at the gate. We then look at the board and see

We start to worry that we won’t be able to get to Kona so my dad goes and talks to customer services. After talking with customer services my dad told us that we may have to go home and connect through Denver the following morning. I had a baseball game that night that I would be able to go to, but I’d rather be in Hawaii 🤷‍♂️. He then tells us that we can get on a flight to San Francisco that leaves around 2 and connect on a flight to Kona, but it would be close to catch the 737-900ER to Kona

Another Delay
Around 1 PM the flight to San Francisco is delayed until 3:45 PM and it looks like we would miss the final flight of the day to Kona and it’s looking like we may end up stranded In San Francisco for a night. We then realize that with thunderstorms rolling in, during the Summer afternoons, we may never even get out of Newark. We were all upset so we found a restaurant and sat down for lunch. After we ordered our food my dad got an alert saying that the flight to SFO was boarding. We had to “cancel” our order and rush to the gate

Finally In the Air
We then board around 3 PM, happy that we’re going somewhere, even though we are still probably missing the flight to Kona (any airport is better than Newark)

As we fly over the country our flight is flying a little faster than anticipated and there is suddenly a glimmer of hope that we will be able to get on the flight to Kona

Here are some pictures I got put of the window of the 757

Can We Make it to Kona?
Our flight landed earlier than expected (still behind schedule). The flight attendants on the flight from EWR to SFO were great though, my dad talked to them on the flight so when we landed they allowed us and about 10 other on the flight to Kona to get off the plane almost immediately. The flight attendants on our flight had communicated with the gate agents at SFO, so that the gate for the flight to Kona would be held open for a few minutes longer. We ran across the terminal in San Francisco and arrived at the gate with the 737 sitting on the ramp. But there was one problem, we still didn’t have tickets for this flight. It turned out that we got lucky and there 4 available seats for my family and I to get on the plane.

On Our Way to Hawaii
Then it hit, WOW we’re actually going to make it to Hawaii

I fell asleep almost right after takeoff and I slept until I heard the announcement that we were descending into Kona. I then realized. Huh, we could just slam into the water in front of the runway and nobody would know until we were already dead (it was 2 AM in our body clocks, okay, my brain was dead)
We had a hard touch down in Kona and got off the plane ONLY 10 MINUTES AFTER THE FLIGHT FROM LAX LANDED. After all of that we were only 10 minutes behind where we expected to be.

We got off the plane at 8:30 PM Hawaiian time, or 2:30 AM on the East Coast

It Wasn’t Over though
We went to get our bags and learned some fun information. We had 2 Golf Bags, but the rest of our luggage was somewhere in the skies over the lower 48. We had to survive without any other clothes for a day, but we made it to Kona only 10 minutes behind schedule. We got to our villa around 9:30 and we were all knocked out asleep by 10 PM

We enjoyed our 10 days in Hawaii

And I’ll save the story about our returning flight from San Francisco to Newark for another time

Thanks for reading if you actually read everything!


American, now United…

Delta? No, it can’t happen…

Anyway, that’s really lucky. Beautiful pics of Hawaii!


I was just happy we made it! And I’m happy you like the photos!


What was the golf course in those shots, looked amazing!


Always a potential issue anytime you have to connect. You are beholden on numerous factors. I personally fly direct at all costs, unless it’s absolutely not possible (i.e., can’t get there from O’Hare).

Great when it works out the way it did for you. Great photos. I’ll be on the United 777 to PHOG next month with the wife and kids.

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I also had a similar experience like yours on United


Nice pictures. I was just in Kona. Did you stay in Waikoloa Village?

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The first one is the 7th at the Waikoloa Beach Course and the last one is at the Mauna Lani South Course

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Not too fun is it 😂

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Yeah we were going to take the UA 767 straight from EWR-HNL and then HNL-KOA, but it was just a lot more expensive then connecting through SFO

Yes we did! In Hali Kai to be exact

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Awesome. I stayed in Waikoloa village as well. Can’t remember they name but it had condos

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