My Infinite Flight Youtube Channel! - SebMasterMC

Hey guys! I own the Infinite Flight Youtube channel SebMasterMC. I make Infinite Flight timelapse videos. I have just passed 90 subscribers (at time of writing). I uploaded my first IF timelapse 2 months ago. If you wouldn’t mind checking It out and giving me some feedback, that would be greatly appreciated since I am trying to make the best videos that I can! Thanks!

Link -

As much as I’d love to tell you that it’s nice to have someone make Infinite Flight videos but please keep away from creating unnecessary topics. In a case like this always look up a topic before creating one. I suggest referring here:

And also Welcome to the community! I suggest to look over some rules and have a great time!

Happy Landings!


Hi! Please use this link to post your YouTube account

Edit. Beating my a millisecond

Ok, thanks for the reply, I will do so.