My Infinite Flight visit to Alpena Regional (KAPN)

I’m on a huge world tour, with 102 total legs. IRL, I have family in Alpena, Michigan, so I figured I’d do a leg of my IF world tour up there

The flight was on the Expert Server, time was roughly noon, and the route was KDTW-KAPN

Fun fact: Despite KAPN having the title of Regional airport, it actually does get commercial service, although Delta is the only commercial carrier that services KAPN.


Wow, that’s a long world tour! And nice buttery landing by the way.

I love that word. I started my world tour in Charlotte.

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Where are you ending?

Charlotte. I can do a Google Earth drawing of all the airports I’m visiting and send them to you.

Michigan welcomes you ! I’m very familiar with that airport good luck on your journey have a blast !

I rocked my wings a few times to try and not run off the runway.