My infinite flight, just stay on the xp bar, off line, zerou my xpe my flight hours, help me.


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Please could you explain further? You’ve just added some text formatting…

His app is frozen at the after flight XP screen. Neo is listening in and will post his support recommendations.

Hi there, it looks like you are having a bit of trouble and the Infinite Flight application has frozen.

Best thing to do here is close the app and refresh your device.


You are a genius Chris honestly.

Sir @Bryann_Dias_Lopes, please could you specify your device and operating system details so neo can help you further. Thanks


I didn’t understand a word, please explain, so we can help

Thanks for contacting support!

In order to help us assist you, please share with us a little more information regarding the issue you are experiencing;

  • A more detailed explanation of the issue you are facing
  • An exact set of steps to reproduce the issue
  • Your Device, Operating System, and Live Subscription details if applicable.

I’m struggling to interpret what exactly your issue is. Thanks!



I think his flight hours and everything are stuck at zero. They won’t go up even though he has done a flight. He also says he’s offline and that maybe why his flight time and stuff is at zero. Try to connect to the internet.

That would make sense too. We will have to wait for a screenshot to better assist.

I think he’s flying on Solo and he doesn’t get hours for it. At this point he doesn’t understand.

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I think, his is talking about a xp reset and flight time, because he followed a developer.

That’s a possibility too. Tyler will have to take a deeper look into it when he is free. 😉

Let’s give the OP a chance to respond please :)