My Infinite Flight Flights of the Year

Gday IFC!

This year has been my favourite year of flying in Infinite flight. Despite only doing 62 flights this year which is the shortest amount I’ve done in a single year for the 6 years I’ve used IF, it has been by far my most enjoyable as I’ve explored more parts of the world than I ever have! So I thought I’d do an award type thing of some of my favourite flights from 2021.

I’ll take you through my favourite short haul, medium haul, long haul, an honourable mention and my overall favourite flight of the year. So let’s begin!

Short Haul Flight of the Year: Santa Marta - Medellin (SKSM-SKRG)

This year most of my flights were medium haul between the 3-7 hour range. However I did spend some time doing several short haul flights across South America. And I would have to give the short haul flight of the year award to a flight I did back in early November which was a domestic Colombian flight from Santa Marta to Medellin in an Avianca a320.

With the combination of the reasonably short runway in Santa Marta to the spectacular mountains throughout the flight to the amazing approach into Medellin Jose Maria Cordova airport flying over the second biggest city in Colombia, this flight was undoubtedly the best short haul flight I did this year.

With a flight time of just 56 minutes, it’s a flight I couldn’t recommend enough if you’re looking for a quick flight with nonstop beautiful scenery. The approach over Medellin is definitely a highlight of the year for me!

Medium Haul Flight of the Year: Sharm el-Sheikh - Bishkek (HESH-UCFM)

For a long time I’ve wanted to explore one of the most interesting parts of the world for me, Kyrgyzstan. So when we got the a220 in IF with the Air Manas livery I immediately knew what flight I was going to do, and that was Sharm el-Sheikh to Bishkek.

From the moment I took off from HESH to landing in UCFM the scenery was nonstop beautiful. It was just desert land pretty much all the way but the deserts were so beautiful. I also skimmed the Caspian Sea when flying over Iran which was also beautiful to see.

But what surprised me most was the shear emptiness when flying in Kyrgyzstan. From crossing the border into the country to landing in UCFM there was absolutely no signs of any towns or life, just desert land. But at the same time it was also breathtaking to see which is why this flight earns my medium haul flight of the year award.

Long Haul Flight of the Year: Istanbul - Caracas (LTFM-SVMI)

I haven’t done many long haul flights this year but this flight was easily my favourite long haul of the year. It was actually my first flight of this year.

I love to fly weird routes and interesting routes. I made a separate topic about this earlier on in the year calling it one of the strangest transatlantic routes going. The reason I say that is because Venezuela has been going through some trouble in recent years, it’s advised not to go there. The only transatlantic routes other than this flight is some charter flights to Madrid. So the fact that Turkish airlines does regally scheduled flights on this route really confused me so I decided to try out this flight.

And what can I say, the flight was amazing. I got to see some beautiful parts of Europe such as Milan and Split, I also got to see the Azores, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Los Roques and then have a spectacular foggy approach into SVMI. With a flight time of 11 hours and 38 minutes it was the second longest flight I did this year.

I later found out that the flight actually makes a stopover in Havana first which was disappointing to hear. But there’s no doubt that this route even with the stopover is very interesting and is basically the only way to get into Venezuela directly from Europe. (other than charter flights)

Honourable Mention: Windhoek - Addis Abada (FYWH-HAAB)

Before I say what my flight of the year is. I’d like to give an honourable mention. And that honourable mention goes to the flight I did in early October, Windhoek to Addis Abada.

This flight was an easy top 3 flight of the year for me. I got to explore some of Africa’s most beautiful scenery in a 5 hour flight, including a flyby Mount Kilimanjaro. My main IF goal this year was to explore more of Africa and I did several African flights this year. But this one definitely topped the lot and it’s a flight I highly recommend doing. But it just falls short of one flight.

My Infinite Flight Flight of the Year: Sydney - Jakarta (YSSY-WIII)

I’ve done 62 flights this year. I’ve explored some outstanding places of the world and done some flights I’ll never forget. But there is one flight that stands out from them all. And it is this flight, Sydney to Jakarta. There’s afew reasons this flight gets this award.

The main reason is undoubtably how much scenery there was. Australia is a place I’ve only visited once before in IF and that was a flight from London Heathrow to Perth. So I only skimmed the country. With the country being so large I knew there was much more to it than just places like Sydney Melbourne and Perth. I wanted a flight that would take me right through the heart of Australia and the Garuda flight from YSSY-WIII on paper looked like an eye catching flight. And boy did it deliver!

The flight took me through the heart of Australia, including places like Lake Eyre National Park, Ayers Rock, Lake Neale, Telfer and my favourite part of them all, Roebuck Bay (the place in the picture above)

I’ve discovered many parts of the world in IF, however flying over Roebuck Bay in that flight may just be the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. Certainly the best beach/ bay I’ve ever seen. In my opinion it beats the beaches in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Not to mention the beautiful scenery I saw in the descent to Jakarta and the sunset landing chasing the sun on landing on RWY25L was also amazing. Jakarta is a place I’ve only ever been to once before in IF which was way back in 2018 so it’s been a while and it was nice to go back there again.

And also flying the a330neo, one of my favourite aircraft in the beautiful Garuda livery topped it all off. There’s no doubt that this was the best flight I did in 2021, maybe even the best flight I’ve ever done in Infinite Flight!

Before I end this topic I’d just like to thank all the developers for there amazing work this year. I believe this has been the best year for IF with all the new features that have made their way into the simulator to take it to the next level such as the clouds, 3D buildings and 3 new exquisite aircraft! I’m already looking forward to see what’s coming in 2022.

I’d also like to say thanks to the whole IFC community for a great year and all the events hosted this year! The event in my hometown airport of EGCC was something I’ll never forget!

Thanks to everyone for a great 2021 in IF and the IFC, I’ll see y’all in 2022!


Oh Wow, These Pictures are outstanding! Especially the last to second one! Makes me want to try out these flights!

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I would recommend all these flights, all of them are unique and interesting in their own way!

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All the flights were great! See you in 2022.

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Whaaaaaaat, the coast wow

Wow the lakes and the ground, just stunning. Do you have the exact location of these 2 places ?

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Picture 1: Roebuck Bay, Australia

Picture 2: Lake Chamo and Lake Abaya, Ethiopia

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