MY infinite flight app was lost.

I accidentally uninstalled my infinite flight on Google play. I bought it on appstore. When I tried to redownload it it said I HAD TO PAY $5 AGAIN!?!?!? WHYYYYYY

Maybe you might of logged out of the google play store? If you did not re-buy it yet, try to restart your device. This has happened to me once on iOS and restarting my device always helped. If that does not work, you can always contact Google Play Support and if you have proof that you already own the app, they should be able to refund you the extra $5 you spent or help get Infinite Flight back onto your Google Play account so you and download it from the “cloud”

Hope this can help you out!


I restarted my device didn’t work and what do you mean by “cloud”

On iOS, when you purchase a app, it sends it to your cloud so you can download it anytime on any device. In the picture, you can see a blue cloud download image. image
Now I know this is for iOS, but I can presume Android has a system close to is

You are using two different stores. One is from Apple, one is from Google. Yes, you need to pay again, it’s like you bought a refillable cup from McDonald’s, and you try to refill it at Pizza Hut. See how it doesn’t work?

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Oh ya for my proof I have some screenshots of the 787-9 I bought (don’t ask me y I did dat)

I’m just trying to help here ok 🙂

No i bought it from Amazon appstore and I could perfect download it again on Google play but now it doesn’t work

I think Infinite Flight does not support amazon devices anymore. I could be mistaken but in other support topics I have seen people not able to either get a new update or download Infinite Flight at all off of Amazon

Now I got a Nexus 6p phone

Log into your amazon account on that phone, find Infinite Flight, and download it from Google Play

You can always check the list of supported devices to Infinite Flight. If that device is not on the list, then unfortunately Infinite Flight is not able to you at the moment

It doesn’t work like that signing in on Amazon is different from signing in on google


You will have to contact Google / Amazon for further assistance regarding this.
I have not been able to find anything supporting that an app bought on Amazon Appstore should be free to download on a device using Google Play.

And especially not if they are using different credentials as you just mentioned.

Did you purchase the app off of amazon or google?

Just pay again. That’s the best solution.

I got it from Amazon

Also Infinite Flight is not officially on Amazon, so it must be the pirated version that yu bought from Amazon.

I don’t believe amazon supports the latest infinite flight anymore

It could simply be the older version.

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