My Indian Adventure (part 3) VIDP-VOBL

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This next flight was from a return flight back to Bangalore.after a tiring day of flying and asking my mother for 5 more minutes on the tablet.i decided to end it…or did I? Also @AirIndiaVirtual2 was featured i one of my shots as they did their flash flight.


Vidp-Vobl, A321, Air India ,

this was done on the expert server on the 15th of August.This took 2 and a half hours.

At the gate with @AirIndiaVirtual2 getting ready for their flight

Holding short

blasting off towards Bangalore

Taking my first moonshot

an encounter with a BA777

Touchdown with a touch of foreshadowing


Hey there, wonderful shots!

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@Ritesh321 these are some wonderful pictures. The 2nd one is my favorite