my IFS have a problem for make flight live

i’ve account infinite flight ;but i don’t flight online with other pilots i’ve the call sign

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What are you trying to say here I might be able to help

Hi Henoc, could you be a little clearer please as not really sure what you’re asking here? Have you paid for Live?


no theys demand me to subcribe

if this the problem…

Did you buy Live?

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well thats why you cant fly on Live then, its a Subscription feature


You have bought the game right?, that allows you to play all by yourself and use the planes that are free and the regions. If you want to play online you need to subscribe to live this is a online system which cost money you can buy it for a month or get a year subscription

for make subscription i must necessarily buy with money ?

Yes to play online you need to pay for it on top of what you have paid for the game

ok i understand

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Okay glad to help if there is any other problem we will try our best to help

my friends have IFS version 2016 he have not dowload on playstore but on google and don’t arrive to game online too

I don’t understand so he bought it aswell but he didn’t have to pay for online?

no he don’t buy on this application one paystore

Yes it’s available on any store the App Store or the google play store or the website, you but it then you pay for online the online feature has only existed for around a year and so befor then there was only single player but if you like that then it’s worth getting online

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haaa guy i don’t money to fly online

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fly all by yourself then its still fun i did it for many years before online came out :)

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