My IFC 3 Year Anniversary

3 Year IFC Anniversary Special 🎉

3 Years ago on this day, I joined the IFC. Since then, I’ve made many memories some good, some bad. I’ve met people who I enjoy a good craic with daily, and I’m very grateful for that. For that reason, I decided to make a screenshots topic to celebrate my 3 year anniversary. Anyways, I doubt you clicked this topic for paragraphs of waffle, so here are the pictures. Enjoy!

General Info:

The screenshots are taken from various flights using different aircraft. Some VA flights, other organised group flights, and some were solo. All flights were done on the expert server.

The Photos:

Royal Nepal Flight 409 climbing out of Kathmandu International on it’s way to Hong Kong with the stunning Himalayas in the background

Allegiant 2653 parked up at Los Angeles after a flight in from Rapid City

Here’s a shot of a flight myself and @Igor_M did a while back from San Francisco to Wuhan. Sure is some beautiful scenery in Mid-East China with all the hills and massive cities which provided some nice views on arrival

Ryanair 4283 touching down at Dublin (with it’s new 3D buildings) after a flight in across Europe from Bratislava. Flights from Eastern Europe to The UK/Ireland are very enjoyable for me and are just so much better than the typical holiday routes imo

Flying directly over Hyderabad on a route from New Delhi to Visakhapatnam for @AirIndiavirtual. I think The Air India livery suits the A320 very well and have been enjoying routes all over India with it recently

SriLankan Airlines flight 504 departing out of London Heathrow Airport for a flight to Colombo in the newly reworked A330-300

An Ethiopian 787-8 Dreamliner on final into Libreville, Gabon. Libreville has a beautiful approach parallel to the sea - definitely one of my favourites in Africa.

Another African carrier, this time Libyan Airlines. One of my favourite airlines to fly in IF due to the sheer size of the route network which spans deep into Africa, as well as Europe and The Middle East. This was taken from a flight between Tripoli and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Some stunning scenery of Southern Thailand during a flight between Bangkok and Mueang Trang operated by Thai Lion Air in the Boeing 737-900ER

And last but not least, a very enjoyable group flight for @easyJetVirtual. Myself, @DanG387, @Sam_D206, @CaptainHugh and @JetWig all embarked on a flight down to Gibraltar from London Gatwick in the easyJet A320. The 3D buildings look real nice at Gibraltar despite it making the airport a noob magnet

That’s all for today! I had a few nice pictures from recent flights i’ve done and decided to put them together for a 3rd Anniversary Topic cause ngl i did kinda forget it was coming myself

Thanks for viewing, I hope you liked the pictures!


Hands down one of my favourite group flights, even if I went around 😟. Great photos!


Really great photos, great flights aswell, that group flight remains one of my favourite one, even if I couldn’t do the return 🥺
Happy anniversary!


Indeed a fun and vfoncy flight! Congrats on 3 years!


Great photos Charlie, especially love the Ethiopian one!

@William_Chin’s speciality that


Happy 3rd anniversary Charlie! It’s great having you in our VA!😊


Thanks Dan, sure was a fun flight!

Thank you!

Thanks! vfoncy indeed


It’s great to be there!

Thanks for the kind messages everyone


Happy 3rd anniversary!


Great photos man, well done!

Also, congrats on your 3rd cakeday 🥳! Time sure does fly doesn’t it?

I’ll see myself out.



Definitely does lol, not sure where those three years have gone!

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Congratulations! 🥂. Also loved the Air India A320 pic! I agree the AI livery,suits the A320 very well!


Thank you! It definitely was a much needed addition to the A320 fleet!


why am i not in any of these 🥲

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dahs because you never fly will ;-;

You never fly with me 🥺


How to u not yet the message of 10 character minimum

that is a secret I cannot disclose 👁

I had my 5th anniversary yesterday, congrats to you too! Wonderful pics 👀

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Sure you can!

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