MY IF won’t stop crashing

I’m been so sad all these days 😭😭 literally my simulator always crash when I’m changing my graphics seetings from low to medium. And I don’t have to much FPS neither. Please someone can give me an advise??

My iPad is from 2015. iPad Air 2.

Sorry to hear that. Are you on beta?

The air 2 is an older device, it might not be able to handle medium graphics, that could be a reason for the crashes

Yea sr. I’m now trying to use the beta testing

Please only report beta issues in the #open-beta category

But it’s creasy because without the beta I can use IF on high graphics without problem.

In addition to what @IF787 said, this should be expected when playing on beta since it’s an unstable version of the app.


Make sure you update to the latest Beta Build: (959). This build was designed to stop any reported crashes.

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That’s the one I have

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Then feel free to ask questions here:

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Just let everyone know the issue and what device your on. Also make sure you state that you are on the new open beta build (959). Someone will get back to you soon.

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I will also mention that your device is 6 years old, and considering its specifications are a tad outdated, I wouldn’t be surprised if you wouldn’t be able to run IF on high settings. Make sure to turn down your graphics and free up storage as needed.


And in future if you are having problems that haven’t been reported before because of open beta then please utilise #open-beta and correctly fill the template.

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Adding onto what @Thunderbolt said, here is a topic which recommends the correct settings for Infinite Flight for various devices. For your iPad it is recommended that you don’t use high settings, read here for more: