My IF Timelapses v2 - Stockholm to Copenhagen

Hey everyone !

My name is Quenan and I like to share my flights through Videos that I share on my youtube channel “Switzs”. I am back at making timelapses with this norvegian 737.

Here is an hour long flight that continues my series of flight through europe (and the world later). Take a seat, captain side, between ESSA and EKCH and enjoy !

If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to share as my goal is too progress and make my content better.


Awesome mate! I love the editing. Looking forward to more! ;)

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Cool video! Interesting that you don’t use the FPV!


Thanks for the comment mate. More are coming

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Yup, I only use it on planes using one in real life. It’s because I disengage the AP soon enough to get visual references printed in my brain.