My IF experience so far

Its been over a month that i had bought the IF pro subscription. My experience as of now has been awesome, i never thought that this game would have its legacy even after so many years. IF has been great simulator for me and here’s why…

  1. The planes and the liveries- I would always support the statement that IF has one of the best flight models and liveries ever. Apart from the excellence in that designing, i also loved how most of the planes had very realistic engine sounds. As an aviation lover, i had always been very disappointed when games didn’t offer realism, be it the SFX sounds, or the physics. If has both, the physics of the game are excellent too, much better than what most of the flight simulators have to offer.

  2. The players- No hate to other flight sims, but i have played many other well known flight simulators which have absolutely terrible players. These players don’t have any regard of what the other might think about the mean statements they make. However, IF community is totally different. All the players are really supportive and kind. They answer all your queries and i have rarely seen any member getting unnecessarily trolled.

  3. The staff and the moderators- The if staff members are great too. For instance, i really love how Tyler provides some of the easy to understand tutorials of the game features. It helps the players understand and improve the overall gameplay. The staff and the moderators in the discord server are also really kind. They can be seen chatting with the members as if they were friends. Also, i love the strictness and formality in IF.

These are some of the things which i really like about if and also these things have made my experience really good. I sincerely thank the IF community and the people who spent their precious time reading it. Please feel free to text down some of the features of IF that you love. Have an excellent day ahead! Thanks


I agree with everything you’ve said! I’ve been playing for over a year now, and can agree that this is the best flight sim out there!


Thanks to the infinite flight intro which made me play and eventually buy a subscription ;)


Have a great time here! Also, try to fly to Antartica. Would be cool lol


Same!!! I got lured into buying it and now I’m over a year strong 😂

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Ha ha, sometimes you gotta do what you want to😂😂

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I’ve been here since about 2014 and its been a great experience everyday since i got it, i agree with you.


me too bro😁

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