My if crashed or has an tecnical problem

My if was working correctly befoure I started to use the beta tester program, but when I tried to update to older versions, it says that I have new updates. My all subscriptions are now lost, and when I try to sub twice, it says that:

I have bought this app from Google Play. I have a picture about it: But it isn’t really working at all. When I try to fly solo mode it blocks me too: And now I cant do anything with this app. Thats not fair, I have bought twice for 6 months, and they just have being lost. Please repair or help me to repair this problem. Here are all photos again: , , , , , , . Thanks for reading and helping.

IF has specifically stated that they are not responsible for being compatible with beta softwares and/or beta programs. Unfortunately, there’s also not much that they’d an do about it; after all, it is a beta software you are running.

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I believe this isn’t the original version that you’re using, try uninstalling the app and see what it says?

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