My IF App has total 9GB of Data

Hello guys. I tried to find similar topic to this but mostly it is under features/votes, but I would like to seek help from everyone here.

I understand usually if we want to use certain livery for certain aircraft then that livery is auto-downloaded. The problem is, I have just used a handful of livery while almost all liveries are auto-downloaded (?) I am not too sure if this together with scenery consume a lot of memory cache.

My question is as below:

  1. How much does livery, aircraft, and scenery cache took? I tried deleting scenery cache available in the setting but it seem didn’t affect much?
  2. I also tried deleting some of the replays (especially the long haul ones) but it still didn’t help that the app cost 9GB of my cache :(
  3. I tried to check all the replays and look like it takes up to 1GB of cache. Does that mean the app and the rest of data cost 8GB?

I am trying to upgrade my device but till then, I am desperate to find a way to clear up some stuff from my Infinite Flight cache. Any opinions?

PS: @moderators not sure if this fits under Support or General. Feel free to move it as appropriate and I hope for any solution that may help. Thank you :))


Infinite Flight will generally build up storage from cached scenery, airports, replays, aircraft liveries, and many more things. The best suggestion is to delete replays and clear the scenery cache. Other than that, a re-install will delete all aspects of the storage usage dscribed above.

Infinite Flight takes up an incredible amount of storage over time.


Scenery Cache will build back up as you fly. Deleting it often does not give you a benefit as the app is designed to only download what is needed and will overwrite old data that is no longer needed.

Replay files can add up over time. But in general some replays are small unless you do a lot of 16 hour flights. Scenery cache is not adding much to your disk usage.

The size is mostly the app size of the airplane models that are downloaded. A reinstall will start you over but as you fly at busy airports it will download these planes over again unless you are on cellular and have the download option turned off.


You can delete the app and install it again


Hi everyone. Thanks for responding :)

Wow that’s really quite big amount of storage. 29GB is like my whole phone storage lol. If you don’t mind, which device are you using?

Mine is mostly short haul, I think I only have 2-3 long haul remaining. Any way to backup like the starred replays and convert to normal mp4? I tried to search the forum but apparently this is not possible from IF side?

I see. So does that mean actually the livery are auto-downloaded since others on the live server uses these livery? Is there any way to stop auto-download via wifi? I couldn’t find these option in the settings (:

TL;DR. It looks like I may have to re-install the app, but I do want to keep some of the replays (flights and ATCs if possible). Got around 400MB of files I wanted to keep hahaha

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You can always save it in a drive somewhere or upload it to (only stored for 14 days, though!)

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I think ATC sessions of 30 minutes or more takes up the equivalent of 3 short haul flights for me

So I think ATC sessions also take a lot of Data

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FYI replays uploaded are only stored for 14 days.

But majority of the time the size is just the models. No real way around it other than making room for it. When you have a super detailed plane it is going to be larger. They are looking at ways to improve this but for now it is what it is.


I use a Samsung Galaxy A70 :)

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I see. I didn’t encounter this while playing solo (before I started PRO subscription on 30MAY2020). I guess good things will become memories (literally) hahaha

Thanks everyone for the prompt response and support :)
I wish I can upgrade my device soon but till then, I will try and see all the solution above :)

Happy flying to all and see you in the skies :)

dont worry mate… my one takes 20GB… i deleted the app and then reinstalled it…

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Heyy, I too faced the same kind of problem on my older device until I switched. What I did was I went straight to the settings and deleted the app data. And so IF got refreshed up and then I opened it, logged in again and I had 95% space emptied.

But as you start logging flights, it will surely build up. How you can stop that is by using same liveries repeatedly which won’t put a burden on your storage. But yeah, you can anytime delete your app data and login again.

Hope it helps! 😊

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