My idea to reduce clutter

My idea to reduce clutter is when ever types something related to trust levels, this post is immediately shown. This would reduce the “why have I not reached TL2” posts that take up the moderators time. This would only be in use for people at TL1 though just in case anyone needs to talk about trust levels in a normal conversation.

Please converse below and give me ideas to change it

  1. I’m not actually sure if Discourse has this ‘trigger word’ feature enabled, and unfortunately we can’t make anyone add such plugin if not.

  2. My main problem is the fact that we can’t really get a bot to actually understand people’s questions on trust levels. If we had it so that post was linked whenever someone mentioned “trust levels”, it really would have the opposite effect of reducing clutter since lots of people mention the words “trust level” in a different context to the one which you mentioned.
    Additionally, we can’t go more specific into the sort of things that would trigger this post, as if it was made so the link was sent whenever someone said “Why aren’t I TL2 yet?”, there would be lots of instances in which the question was worded differently, and therefore the link wouldn’t be triggered.

Just my opinion; if you know of any Discourse features to disprove my first point then please do shout.


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