My House in IF

So today I had some free time so decided to do a short flight around IF to find my house. I used google maps to point out where it was and then flew to it via a couple of waypoints.

Heres my findings, My house is in the valley.

This is in London Region if you couldnt tell already.

I challenge anyone else who lives in a Region in IF to attempt to find there house and see what the sattelite image looks like compared to the actual thing


awesome you can landing in your street LOL .

yep just a casual landing down my road

Now everyone can find you. ;)


yaa don’t do that in expert Lol .

I live near KHHR and i can showz


I crop everything so theres no street names or anything you just get a general location of where my house is


go for it fly around and find it

I will try.

Nice Google Maps screenshot by the way ;)
I’m sure someone could search it and find it.

don’t worry about that will find you and come to say Hi ;)

They can have fun then theres nothing on google images

I wouldn’t just post a picture of my house here…


I know my house quite well, it’s in the approach path for WIDD runway 04.

I know where my house is its in the KATL approach pattern for both landings and takeoff but my house is not in Infinate flight yet it will be in global tho.

My house is in IF too. Good luck finding it though.

Yeah, because the spooky scary aviation geeks are gonna take a flight to come find you and kill you. Oooooo I’m so scared. 👻👻👻

Yeah, whatever. Nice house!


I think we’d be more likely to bring a full cooler and set up a barbeque.


Thanks bro yeah people gonna start stalking me now ahahaha

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I’ve tried. I live in the Chicago region which is mostly flat, so it’s harder to find.

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