My House In IF 2.0

Just over a year ago I had discovered my house during IF. Now global is here I can actually view my house properly and not have an approximation to where my house should be. So I set out from EGHR (Goodwood) in a C130 to find the proper location of my house.

If you want to view my first attempt at finding my house click here.

First I took off climbing to 2000ft starting to head south so that I could find my first hint. The motorway would be my guide to find my house. I found the intersection and began to bank for the motorway heading north. The dark line below represents the A3(m) which I had been searching for.

I then followed the motorway north. I knew that just a little bit further north than my house is a country park so there would be no buildings and hilly terrain.

I found my village of Clanfield on the south coast of England. In the picture shows roughly where my house is, I’d be stupid to disclose the accurate location. Further north in the top right of the screen is the Queen Elizabeth Country Park confirming I was in the correct position

That’s it. I challenge anyone to try and locate there house within IF. Now theres global there’s no excuse. Have fun!


That’s what I did first when I got global :)


This is great! Good idea!

I tried to find my house, but couldn’t see it out of the many blurs of houses.


I took of from the closest airport and found my house in like 2 seconds!😂


You don’t mind leaving the door unlocked tomorrow?


Hmm yes don’t mind if you do 😏


I guess if you live in a city theres a bit of a disadvantage but if you look for motorways/highways near you, you should be close


By all means, have fun with your flight to England

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You put a lot of effort into finding your house. I haven’t really found my house, just took off from Brisbane when on my test flight to Townsville.


I tried to find my house near WIII. But I can’t find it due to blurry terrain

  • Unfortunately, my country doesn’t have 15m Satelite imagery

Maybe I can find my house once my country gets the 15m imagery :)


I live in the Brighton area, I found my house easily - the Sussex scenery is pretty dang good.

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I found mine easily.

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Once the eastern coast of the US gets a Google Earth resolution upgrade I will do this too.

This is one of the first things I did when global came out! It’s so awesome to be able to see local highways from the sky.


I found my house very easily, because its a huge and shiny…and its the only building for miles…lucky i still have good internet…and after i landed in a field i found out that the topography is very accurate near my house

Are we gonna team up, to give him a ‘surprise’ when he wakes up?

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Yas! Can’t wait for 15m image on Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia :)


You do that bro gonna be so interesting

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Haha, I won’t. I live in South Africa, don’t try to come into my house, because remember I’m South African and have been robbed before, so I keep a knife under my pillow.


I don’t want @dush19 stalking me