My horrendous mistake led to my IFTAC application getting rejected

Disclaimer: Quite a long read🥺🙌

I got to grade 3 after flying for a month and a half and 3 days into it , i applied for IFTAC too. Gave the practice tests, did well, practiced atc on the training server, expecting my application to get accepted. 1 day after I submitted my application, while flying vfr, i flew out of an airport, in a F22, following all ATC guidelines on expert server. I took off and did not realise that my speed was waayyyyy beyond the allowed speed near the airport. I got an instant LvL 3 violation. Got demoted from the expert server for 7 days and worse my IFTAC application got rejected because of that reason and I can’t reapply for another 60 days. I just felt soo soo sad and stupid for my mistake. Gave up on the game for a day, but EGLL Approach on Training ATC server kinda saved me. I still feel extremely sad for the rejected application and 7 day demotion but I am gonna take this time and try to learn from my mistakes and hopefully be certified and back soon🥺🙌


Hey @Sam_Pan

Sorry that you can’t apply for IFATC yet. Try not to be too upset, as you can read more into the ATC Manual and you can also watch the useful tutorial videos on YouTube to help you prepare for IFATC for when you can apply again.

You’ll be applying for IFATC again before you know it!

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Thank you for lifting my spirits up 🙌🥺

While you may not be able to get in for a while, it does give you more time to practice so you’ll be ready when you do get back in. Similar thing happened to me
except I got suspended

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It is okay. Things like his happen. Read up on the atc guide and fly by all the rules. The 60 days will fly by before you know it. I applied to ifaet in march and kind of forgot about it and now it is close to a year later.

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60 days will go flying. Just relax for now and don’t overthink about it, now that you know your mistake. Move on, and you’ll see that 60 days will go flying! :)

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