My honest thoughts on the IFC

First off I’d like to note that this will probably get closed (which is fine) and that this isnt trying to bash the IFC its just feedback. Also please take arguments to PM or DM.

I feel the IFC is a great place with great people but there are some problems, such as over policing and mini-mods who like to flag every single post that doesn’t agree with theyre narrative of what they think is wrong. Alot of the mini-mods are Regulars (not all regulars are like this and I dont hate you) Regulars seem to think since they have a fancy gray font above theyre name they are better than everyone else. This has happened more especially after the new Regular system was introduced. Again to all the regulars out there this is just a me disagreeing with with what you do I dont think youre horrible people or anything. Also I feel like the community is very sensitive to things that usually wouldnt upset someone as in it seems like the IFC is ultra Politically correct, some Political Correctness is okay but I feel like we cant really say anything in the fear that it may offend an infinitely small group of people. I do agree though with the suspension table which is pretty reasonable. I also feel that the community has gotten alot more rules added to it over the summer which have taken some quite fun topics out of the IFC but this isnt a major thing. Overall I feel like the IFC is a good place with mostly good people (I say mostly because out of the 40,000 people on here there have to be some bad apples). I love the way that the staff let us ask and vote for features and for making a community for us.

Happy flying, and feel free to debate with me on this over PM im open to critizism.



I kinda agree with you, but i do think it’s gotten better over the last couple of months, I’m not sure why, that’s just what I feel


I did join in january so I didnt experience as much time before the changes but I think it has gotten a little stricter.

In my honest opinion, there are reasons to everything here. Over-policing is something many can agree on. Topics that include images or in the related area is lots of storage used by the Staff Team and they have to pay to use Discourse. None of those topics really contribute either. They are just for fun.

Mini-modding can be another issue. But lately, I haven’t seen too many mini-modders. Moderators already have a solution to manually add Regulars now in which from their view are contributing and making everyone feel happy. I’ve seen majority of the forum just helping people and explaining the guidelines rather then what you call mini-modding :)

Just my opinions though.


I completely understand I just feel that the Regulars kinda get a little proud and think there above you. And its always that one tiny mistake is a massive problem.


Actually, I haven’t seen that, maybe they act a little more strict with their words but that’s their personality.


Honestly, after the topic on the community in general posted by ran a few months back (Enough Is Enough), I believe things has become better overtime and moderators has been listening to feedback. Though some of the issues you pointed out still exist, it definitely happens less often nowadays and hopefully, things will get better overtime. We’re a 40,000 user strong community after all, so it’s normal that “regular-ing” or “mini-modding” pop up every now and then.


hmm, okay then i guess its different for everybody.

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well true, things have gotten better after that because during the summer things got real bad.

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I mean, we aren’t all perfect, are we? I mean…didn’t you make a #screenshots-and-videos topic simulating a very inappropriate situation?

I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, no one is perfect. But, if you have concerns, I highly recommend letting admins know.


I agree noone is perfect. no argument there ive done some real crappy stuff

Tbh no I don’t things have gotten better because I got completely bashed by mods and head of staff and users which still continues to this day

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oof I used to get bashed all the time.

Oof I feel soo sorry for ya 😬

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If you feel uncomfortable, you can contact @moderators explaining your honest thoughts, or you could get in contact with @Safeguarding.


If you feel this way feel free to PM Moderators with evidence of why you feel they may not be reaching to a respectful manner. We aren’t here to annoy or be a pain, just here to help out the best we can to both the community and the mods.

If you’ve got any feedback on me, please feel free to send me a message. I’ll be happy to discuss anything you feel I may not be doing good with, and happily would accept feedback and be able to make a change.


oh I dont feel uncomfortable these things are just very annoying and make it less fun to be here but I dont think its serious enough to contact those people about it.

No bad feedback on you. Thanks for asking.

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Well obviously if you’re complaining about it in a public topic, it is very serious.


well this topic is just my general thoughts on the community it explains the good and bad. And trust me the moderators already fully know what mini modding is.