My History in IF ( VA )

So I will tell my story here that may be the story of other people …

I used to know that not there were VA’s in Infinite Flight, as well as many people who do not know today, I did not even know that there was a community, I learned later that a friend called me to participate in a VA that until today I’m grateful for everything knowledge that was passed to me!

The day I entered that VA I was amazed I found a very cool idea to simulate the activity of a real company in Infinite Flight, since that first day I researched I was asking friends in VA how it worked and I discovered the community of the IF consequently I knew that existed IFVARB, after that I found it even cooler to know that VA’s were taken seriously even in the IF !!

This VA that I participated was not officialized (it was still in the process), that VA existed for 1 year and even then it had not yet been officialized, but it was very good I honestly did not know why so much delay time !!

I decided that I would create my own VA, I was studying how it worked by reading topics but I did not know how to handle the community right, and that was how I took my first community ban because I did not know how well the topics worked, I kept trying to interact by posting topics type (Which song do you listen to during flights and lol etc)

This made it difficult for me to create the VA because I was in the process of being officialized by IFVARB and when I arrived in the last step (Post the Official Thread) I discovered that it was necessary to have the TL2 in the community and as I was banned I stayed a long time without interacting with the community , when I came back from the ban I got my TL2 but the Moderator with whom I was in the process of officialization had given me a deadline to get the TL2 due to the banishment I did not get in that time, for the injustice of the TIME I got 3 days later !!

But I did not give up and went back to the initial process, I practically lost 1 month with site creation, compiling how everything worked to send to the moderator because this is part of the process, besides I am in a process that will take longer but I am determined that I will so getting more people to meet the if community, the VA’s just like I met through a VA, and hopefully I can make people happier with a serious and clear simulation making new friends!

This is not a complaint I’m just telling my story, that the moral is: Never give up on your dreams just like me, you who have the story similar to mine do not give up.
I say this because I know enough people who gave up but I’m not one of them and you also are not !!

I wanted to thank the people who helped me up here who are @Eliel_Felipe45 @Marcos @Narruto_Mieumieu It had a lot more people but your are with me from the beginning !!
Thank you so much :)
Go ahead tell me your history with the IF!



You’ve come a long way and one of the biggest hurdles was a language barrier but you persevered and stayed focused. Times like these should help you reflect in the future and remember to stay humble. Hard work pays off and dedication definitely helped you which probably feels very rewarding hence why you’ve created this. I wish you luck and thank you for listening to the guidance provided by your fellow peers and leadership here on IFC.

Best Regards,


You also helped me a lot, it is really difficult the question of language but with your help it became easier to break this barrier !! Thank you very much Levet :)


Inspiring! Obstacles are coming to you way more often than I expected, but you’ll get over it! @Eliel_Felipe45, @Marcos and I are here to support you! GOL will soon be on the database, trust me. I will help you, but just don’t piss me off about the Portugal’s elimination, that’s all I ask for!

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Lol can not let you get bored with the elimination of Portugal !!

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