My Guide To Create Your Own Successful VA/VO || All In One Thread

Hi guys, a lot of people have wanted to start their own VA/VO but don’t know where to start. That’s why I have created a tutorial to help those who want to begin and to hope that this guide inspires and helps others to make a VA/VO.

Firstly make sure you are minimum TL2 on the community forum to register your VA/VO on the IFVARB but there is no limit creating one without applying it. If you still not sure about the eligibility/requirements, visit the IFVARB website (shown below).

If you are not sure which VA/VO to choose, visit the IFVARB website and go to VA/VO Database, this is where you can find if the VA/VO you want has been taken or not.

What to include to be eligible for the 2nd step of the IFVARB approval process

All VA/VO’s are required to include the following below

  • A Website
  • Fleet
  • Ranking System
  • Application Forms (To Apply)
  • Hubs
  • Destinations
  • Routes
  • Communication System (Slack is preferred and recommended by the IFVARB)
  • A Set of Rules for pilots to follow

Things not to do when making a VA/VO

  • Do not invite random people as they will wait for you to post the thread once you are approved
  • Never advertise on the community forum publicly unless approved by an IFVARB Admin
  • Do not rush any of the processes (eg: website, logo, etc)

Recommended Extras to Add to VA/VO

  • A Crew Centre

The wonderful @KaiM and @anon41771314 have both made tutorials to help you make your own Crew Centre.

  • Frequent Flyer Program
  • Awards (To Motivate Pilots)
  • Routes of the Week

Some Personal Tips and Guides!

  • If you are looking for people to join your VA/VO if you are not approved, only invite friends but through a PM (Ask them politely if they would like to join and don’t force them)
  • Make a Frequent Flyer program to motivate your fellow pilots
  • Make sure that your VA/VO is completely unique to other VA/VO’s
  • I recommend setting up a phpVMS crew centre which can help pilots log flights easier
  • Design Unique Rank Badges and Staff Badges
  • Routes of the week is what makes pilots keep on flying
  • Enforce rules which makes the VA/VO’s environment as friendly and community based to make pilots feel happy their
  • Know what each approval step consists of so you can get prepared for that step
  • Take your time, every great VA/VO has waited their turn to become the bright star. This means that you should take time to prepare everything
  • When in struggling situations, ask for help through a PM or a Post on the IFC when appropriate
  • Never give up no matter what, you’ll always find a way out!

Final Remarks

I hope this tutorial helps a lot to all in the community and I also hope that this inspires thread inspires others to create their own unique VA/VO! If you have any questions or need help feel free to PM me or If you want to say hi or have a conversation, don’t be shy to say hi!

See you in the skies!


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This is a very well thought out thread. I really can see how much time and effort you put into this


Thanks, I did this because a few people have been asking me the same question so I thought I might help out the whole community

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Very interesting tutorial!

This would really help those that want to create a new VA/VO. Most of these are already covered at though, but it’s nice to see that you collated them together

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Yes but I thought I would make a thread just to make it easier to understand.

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That’s great to know! Nice effort.


I thank you for this. I’m starting one. This helped. Lots.

Side note: Please let me know if you’re interested in a staff position :)


Thanks, I hope others in the community are inspired by the Guide!

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By the way, no rush to hire staff! Once your VA is in the application process, you should be able to hire staff here


So, I can apply without a full staff?


That’s what I did.

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Yes that is correct but if I remember correctly you need to be at minimum stage 2 of the Approval Process

Yep! And you can get certified without full staff too!

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That is also correct!

You are very amazing and wonderful, I wish you success


Thank you! My aim is to help out in the community as much as I can. I’m just doing my bit in the community

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