My Gripe with the new aircraft Announcement

I agree the majority won’t fly these primarily.

What I’m saying is this minority don’t currently I belive have enough representation in aircraft as a whole.

So FDS are giving this section of the community a new aircraft to make it more fair.

Don’t worry once fds are done they will go back to commercial aircraft primarily (im guessing).


Oh he’s looking out for FDS’s fiscal impact of adding a GA aircraft to the line up. Godspeed sir!


This has been answered like 4 times already. People don’t fly GA because the GA aircraft are all old. There aren’t good options. You might as well try and say “people don’t order lobster at diners because they don’t like lobster”. People love lobster, but diners just aren’t the place. The diner that is Infinite Flight is upping it’s lobster game.

Let’s look at the last few aircraft that got released. Four of the five are the 787, DC-10, MD-11, and CRJ. Noticing a pattern? I am. If you love flying airliners, you’re set! And you should be excited for the 30+ liveries coming to the CRJ in the next update. If you’re upset that FDS didn’t take your input, I’ll remind you that the DC-10/MD-11 were voted as a rework choice (beating out the A330/A340 rework, A350, and Concorde). I’m sorry that every update isn’t exactly what you want it to be.

Keep in mind that this platform lets you fly any of 100+ planes and liveries anywhere around an entire planet, alongside other players in real-time, with live, trained, and regulated Air Traffic Control, for the low price of 22 US Cents per day. This is a technological marvel. And you’re griping that we won’t have a 14th high-quality jet? (13 released since 2015, inclusive. More if you count all 777 models, but I wasn’t sure when they were reworked so I didn’t count them. Same for the 737). Come on, Hugh.


Take it to a pm if you want to discuss it civilized with someone please.

No need to repeat the same arguments over and over.

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Amen to that.

Everyone thought we would see aircraft worked in the order of the original poll, because of what people wanted. Instead we got options for planes that we didn’t want. We got the CRJ and it’s obvious how unpopular it is. When the MD-11 came out it was two weeks before you could see a non trijet and not be surprised. After a few days it became a surprise to see people flying a regional jet. People only liked it due to the high quality which honestly should have been used on things people wanted, the A330 rework, A340 rework and the Concorde (which is what the fleet is missing. If the excuse for these aircraft not been added is ‘we have too many similar ones,’ then look at the Concorde, supersonic plane able to travel 7500km with 100+ passengers)


The DC-10/MD-11 beat the Concorde and A330/A340 in the poll. This isn’t about options for planes people didn’t want. Read more here: The community has spoken!
Feel free to PM me with questions or for further discussion.


You missed my main point, only a very small amount of people like the CRJ because the community like long haul and unique famous planes. This new TM900 or whatever will be popular for a day, then gone, the A-10 popular for a day, then gone. I know I will be sticking to the C172 for my very rare short haul flights.

If we had the A340 reworked with CRJ level quality I’d be taking it for a swing all the time, the A340-500 has the range I need to have a social life and fly IF a lot. It would have the high quality and physics for smooth landings. The Concorde would allow me too fly from New York to London after an ULH flight from Perth at 4pm and do a flight from London to Perth

Regional Planes+2200 hours = No life
ULH+ 2200 hours = Very social life with plenty of time to do other things.

I am anti regional jet and I’m glad the community agrees with me


I don’t think community are anti regional jet becuase social life lol.


Then how come the CRJ wasn’t popular for weeks like the MD-11, because the CRJ can’t takeoff at 7am and land at 4pm after school.

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I am pretty sure that the reason the MD/DC’s were more popular because they would have been the first trijets in IF. So I wouldn’t assume that they added those planes first for that particular reason. But who knows you could have been right. ;)


There are many other variables that could cause that rather then just time of flight.

I’m pretty sure it’s…well maybe it’s because the majority of the CRJ isn’t out yet. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Kind of hard to enjoy and get over an aircraft when it hasn’t even come out yet. Sure the 700 is out but I can’t tell you I see more people flying the 700 than the 200 (old version) and the Q400. For regional hops it’s outstanding and very happily approved of. You’re looking through this with your long haul route goggles and not through the proper perspective.

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“Ugh a boring update”
“General Aviation is boring”
“General Aviation doesn’t get enough attention”

We see these comments all the time. Some may agree on others opinions, others might not. No matter which side you are on, there isn’t a wrong opinion, as long as it is backed up by facts. The bottom line is, opinions can’t always be backed up by facts. That’s why acceptance of other’s opinions is a necessary virtue to have in life.

I myself, am more on the airliners side. This has evolved from a real world aviation background in the airline industry. However, I am intrigued in the new update, because with new aircraft, I get to learn more things about the aircraft, and General Aviation in general. That’s exciting to me! Whether I am learning more about the airliners or General Aviation, I am 100% satisfied!

I can’t wait to learn more about the TBM, how it flies, and General Aviation. I think being intrigued about learning something new in aviation is a big fundamental for an avgeek. Is it General Aviation? Yes. Do you have to like General Aviation to be intrigued in learning new things about it? No. It’s still aviation.

The world today has become a picky and sensitive culture. We can’t function this way. If grandma gives you a gift for your birthday, you ain’t going to say, “Why this? I didn’t want this.” So why say it when FDS gives you a treat?

This is my opinion and reasoning. I am open to hearing yours, but please do not bash mine, or anyone else’s.


Wow. You know, I simply could refer you to the topic I created which talks exactly about those complains (Another Update, New Complaints: Let's talk.), but that wouldn’t be enough here.

So let me just answer in a couple of sentences:

Oh. So you are the person who decides about whether an aircraft is necessary. Sorry, I didn’t notice.

I see, not only do you decide about the utility of the planes, you are also the community representative. Good to know. Come on… How do you know what the community wants? I read a lot of comments on different platforms that new GA aircrafts were pretty high up on the wish list. Only because you didn’t want them, doesn’t mean the rest of us didn’t want them either. That’s YOUR opinion. Not the one of everybody.

You’re sure about that? Yes, you cannot compare IF to X-Plane on the PC. But you also cannot compare the mobile version of X-Plane with the PC version. We’re talking about a mobile flight simulator here. And oh boy, for that it’s very realistic. One of the most realistic products on the market right now. We have airliners and a couple of low quality GA planes. And as IF strives for more realism, I think it’s only fair that they start to cover the GA market as well.

Let’s get to the A-10.

Currently we have airliners with the primary use of them to fly around the world in the game. You take off, you land. That’s it. With the military version you can additionally escort airplanes. Tadaa! Now, personally, I like that. I don’t find it boring. And I’m looking forward to a new fighter which opens up possibilities for example to create a movie in which one simulates a ground attack. Not boring at all.

Because it’s not Battlefield V you’re talking about here.

No they don’t. You can use it with mobile data as well. You don’t have to wait till you’re in a WIFI network.

Let me get this straight. If you want a company to do what you want, you have to buy the company. You have to own it. Right now, you don’t. Please read that quote of @tomthetank. It summarizes it pretty well.

See, you can vote for features. But you cannot force FDS to add it. If you don’t like it, deal with it. We get at least 2 updates a year. Updates, that are included in our subscription. We get to use new stuff each and every year. IF is developing. Don’t forget Global wasn’t even released one year ago. They might not focus on what you like, but they are developing.

And yes, personally I also commented in previous threads that I’d love to see IF add some different things as well. But I don’t complain. I still enjoy using it.

So. Thanks for your attention. Remain seated until the Fasten Seatbelt Signs are switched off. In the name of the whole crew, I wish you a nice day.


I totally agree with you.

I have to disagree with this, not everyone thinks the same, I think that the TBM 930 will bring great fun to the Flight Sim, I been waiting for an aircraft like that to arrive to IF, in my opinion this is a great decision, but the military aircraft I dont hate it but me personaly I dont use it that much, I do have to agree on that, and the wifi thing not true, I play IF on my cellular data all the time.

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It’s amazing how the human mind possesses such an incredible ability to block from view any and all perceptions and opinions which are not its own.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular…because pretty much every comment in this thread suffers the same delusion.

“What the community needs isn’t X, it’s [conveniently, precisely what I want].”

Pretty amazing how, no matter what the community needs, even though every successive comment may directly oppose another, is exactly what the commenter wants. It’s so convenient that the community’s needs always sync perfectly with the commenter’s wants.

Could you imagine how painful it would be if anyone ever had to make a distinction between the definitions of “community’s needs” and “my personal desires”? Anarchy.

Or logic. One of those.


Hey guys I just got to say… this forum is for a whole lot of aircraft related stuff not for negativity. So if you disagree with something just tell them the plight way not be rude or negative. I feel like this forum helped me in the last twelve months and it’s all been positive feedback. So maybe we keep it like that forever.

I always get happy when I open a thread and right at the bottom I see “Tim_B is replying…” because I know that theoretically I don’t even have to answer anymore 'cause everything is going to be said.

Just wanted to say that here. Anarchy! I’m out.

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I agree with the addition of a high quality GA, which is currently lacking and definitely a pertinent addition to IF. There are still core improvements like sound and night time lighting which need addressing though (which may or may not be being worked on), among a few graphics glitches which haven’t been fixed yet since global’s release.