My Gripe with the new aircraft Announcement

Fellow pilots,

While there are positives in the recent announcement by FDS such as the south america imagery and replay mode i simply do not understand why FDS are adding unnecessary aircraft into into the game. Let me explain.

- TBM930
While the TBM is a great aircraft, it isn’t what the community really wants or needs. while the release may cause hype and therefore new subs they won’t last past the end of the month. No one really wants new GA aircraft because hardly anyone flys them. GA aircraft only really provide substance in games like X plane or P3D where the players are interested in using it as an aid for development in their flight school development. Currently IF does not have the physics or realism to complete with the more complex flight sims. Because of this they will gain those types of players. With that this mind i believe this aircraft will suffer the same fate as other GA aircraft and not get used as much as other airliners do in the game .

-A-10 rework
While i love military aircraft i do feel this is a pointless exercise adding this into the game without any of development around it. Currently we have military aircraft with the primary use of them is to escort airliners in the game. I personally find this very boring. If we’re going to add military aircraft into the game FDS should at least make a meaningful attempt. Why not include 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 dogfights into the game or bombing missions into the for the new reworked A10. Without exciting stuff like this i just feel military aircraft are pointless. I honestly think adding this into the game would give a new dimension and bring new players into the game who don’t want to spend hours waiting to use their phone again or the traveller who simply only has 30 mins on a train or bus ride before school or work. At the moment IF really restricts you to only use your phone when you have a wifi source.

While new aircraft are appreciated , i just feel this announcement is just adding new aircraft for the sake of it. FDS doesn’t have big resources so i personally would like them turn their attention on things the community want such as airliner reworks and improvement in game play.


There are other topics on this, this is not needed at all.

You prefer airliners, not everyone is the same. They are catering to new demographics to add more diversity. I agree with what they are doing as it’s true that there are very little GA options available in comparison to Jets. Furthermore imagine not having any jets added for over two years… that’s what GA lovers have had to wait through so I think it’s fair to say that they themselves deserve these aircraft do they not?


Finally, someone bold enough to speak up. I personally think they should continue to do community votes and consider our opinions more often, rather than add aircraft that aren’t needed, and do reworks on aircraft that almost nobody flies.
Thank you.


The TBM930 is going to give the community the GA plane that we needed. It’s a step towards what people are passionate about, it’ll help us get used to the controls. It’s going to help us get closer to whatever GA you want. Also lots of people enjoy GA in Infinite Flight, I’m one of them.


Personally i like the TBM930 and GA aircraft fans will love it, but i would rather (as well as at least 600 people) to have the a350 or the a330 reworked. Hopefully next time they will.
I flew the A10 sometimes but i didnt enjoy it, with the rework it might be change my opinion (i hope so).


Not exactly, as I have stated prior. It’s the first step towards reworks and new aircraft.


I must disagree with this Statement. A lot of people fly them they just don’t share that they do, I love flying the Decathalon and doing off site landings. While the community didn’t ask for it I am extremely glad the team sees a need for some more GA aircraft, which is real exciting to see!

The A10 the GAF host dog fights all the time, if you’re interested in stuff like that look for virtual militaries that do events like that we have a system set up for dog fightings.

“At the moment IF really restricts you to only use your phone when you have a wifi source.”

Nope I never use WiFi on my iPhone when I play


I completely agree with you!

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I agree on the military side. I never ever fly military. I have no interest in it sothat portion of the announcment was “meh” but I’m happy for those who do enjoy military aircraft. As for GA I honestly don’t have an opinion since GA is neither good nor bad to me. So it really depends on the person’s preferences on if the announcment was good.


The statement made here I completely can agree with. The A 10 does not need a rework at all, this was a bad decision when they could have been focusing on more important things such as adding other planes.

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The reason for adding GA and military aircraft is to set the baseline for all reworks. FDS is pouring their time and money into making sure these planes can be as detailed as mobile platforms allow. Once they get to the point where they say, ah this is perfect, is what sets the baseline for other reworks and aircraft. Since they are doing these details now, the reworks will be able to be just as detailed, or possibly even better. If anyone gets what I’m saying.


But why not try this on aircraft that the Community wants?


Because there needs to be a baseline that’s set before they can start on other airlines. They could be using these next 2 aircraft to see how detailed they can make things on a mobile platform. By doing so it will only make the reworks on the airliners better.

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While i dont have an opinion of the A10, i am excited about a good GA aircraft to fly. IF really misses a quality GA and i know that it’ll be fun to do some good flying with it.

The community is screaming for the A350, patient people. I’m sure it will come in time, maybe not this year, but at some point.

To be honest, the biggest thing im excited about is the south american terrain update. There are going to be some beautiful and tough approaches to check out and i cant wait


My opinion

WoW, not only is this judging but it also has a lemon squeeze of ungratefullnes. The DEVS have been working day in and day out to provide for us and you bash on them like a toddler who doesn’t get a toy. Every developer works had to improve each and every aspect of the game, and I for one am thankful that we can get a new release of aircraft right in such a short time-span. Not to mention that most members have wanted a new GA because not everyone wants to fly the 787 or a380 around the world everyday.

Maybe you should check this topic to get the idea of what I’m saying.


I’m obviously not understanding something. Why wouldn’t they fix the Airbus family or the A330? They could still set the baseline of the future, and they’re doing the aircraft that the community wants to fly, but ventures away because of the bad physics, etc. They are still able to set a baseline for future aircraft, while pleasing the players at the same time. I can sort of understand the A-10 rework, but the TBM is going to be like the Globemaster. People will all fly it for the first few days to give it a try, but only the people that enjoy flying GA (Not very many) will continue to fly it.

I’m honestly disappointed with this next update. The only thing worth getting excited for is the new terrain quality.


I will use it for my airline

The reason nobody flies GA is that the newest GA plane is currently 4 years old… that would definitely change with a newer GA aircraft.


I agree with FDS.

Its embarrassing to see such terrible quality aircraft such as the old A-10 compared to the new and improved CRJ. That is why FDS made the correct decision to rework the A-10. This will bring more equal quality of aircraft.

The reason no one flies it is because it is so old, now people will fly it

Just my piece of mind.


Indeed! The A-10 will be essential in simulation of Ground Attack scenarios.