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Hi, I keep having this problem where my grade goes down to grade 3 from 4, and it says I didn’t have enough landings in 90 days or something, so I perform go arounds and get the landings number up to par. Then my grade goes to grade 4 as usual, I check back a couple hours later and it went back down to grade 3. It has gone back and fourth like this since yesterday. Really weird. It like took away landings?? Idk?

Just try to keep your landings up. After 90 days landings will be erased so just try to do patterns all the time

It’s likely that you didn’t have enough landings in the last 90 days… You have to keep those landings up daily if you’re grade 4

after 90 days the landings are “taken away”, yes
you could get them back up easily by flying patterns

Oh god I just realized that I’m gonna lose so many landings 90 days after the day I grinded an entire TBM 930 tank for touch and gos…

Well like today at 9:30am or so, I got the landings back up and it said grade 4, then at like 3 I checked and my landings went back down. It’s supposed to do that every 90 days not every couple hours right??

Ok I’ll see

The landings go down if they are over 90 days old exactly. That’s just how it works :P

Ok Thank you

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Since you’re able to fly on Expert server, and you haven’t spent much time here on this Forum, perhaps now is a good time to hang around and check out some of the tutorials? I’d hate to see you get ghosted after making it back to Grade 4, for something you didn’t know…

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He didn’t realize the landings expire after exactly 90 days, that’s the problem. No ghosting here, hopefully.

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