My grade won’t go back up.

Hey fellow IF pilots , Last week I received My first ghosting . I have waited about 7 days and My grade still has not Gone back up to 4 . Even though It was supposed to . What Do I do ? Thanks

Send a picture of your grade table and your logbook with the ghost information here.

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Try waiting to the end of the day and it might reset.

Ah alright. So you received the ghost at 17:44Z. It is currently 14:38Z - At 17:44Z, you should restart the app, give it a few minutes, and open it back up to see your beautiful Grade 4 Back :)

Let us know if your grade isnt back up by 1800Z and then we will be more than happy to help you further. Cheers!


Ok Ill try that

It hasn’t quite been 7 days.

Awwww yes thank you good sir , couldn’t do I without My IF family by my side