My grade went down because of violations that aren't my fault

I have done many Long haul and short haul flights and sometimes when I do Long haul flights I sleep in real life, this meant anything could’ve gone when I have been sleeping like me going too fast and it giving me violations without me even knowing or being able to correct. These violations made me go back to Grade 1 not giving me the full game like live ATC and etc and I am not able to go back because I have to wait another year or so as it’s 12 months. I promise you half of the violations were by themselves as sometimes Long haul flights glitch.

If these are Level 2 and/or Level 3 violations, you can contact @appeals and they can help you out. If not, unfortunately you can’t do anything about it expect wait it out.

Level 1 violations are not removed. Your replay will show why the violation occurred.

If you received a Level 2 or 3 violation you can send your replay to @appeals.


Just so you are aware, even though you may be sleeping/away from your device, you are still responsible for what happens in your flight.

If these violations happened due to a bug/glitch, then follow the steps mentioned above. But if these violations are just a result of you being away from your device, those are on you.

OK @Chris_S I have a question for you.
I also have a similar problem.
My last subscription I had ended on the 14.5.20 and since then I haven’t bought a subscription yet. But when it ended I was on grade 3 and for somereason I still went back to grade 2 without me even playing the game. How is that posibble or could it be cause of the new update cause you chance it or not.

It’s because your 12 landings passed the 90 day mark. In other words, 12 of your landings became 91 days old or older, and therefore the landings in the last 90 days count went down. 12 landings and you should be fine.

There were also some minor changes to the grade requirements, you can check those out on the blog at


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